What is Amazon Media Group?

By Tinuiti Team

UPDATE: As of September 2018, Amazon is rebranding all of their AMG, AMS, & AAP features under a new name called, “Amazon Advertising”.

Amazon Vendor Premium Services offers vendors—a.k.a. brand suppliers to Amazon’s retail business—an opportunity to showcase their products and enhance their capabilities on the marketplace through a variety of features.

From valuable product reviews to external search optimization, it’s critical for vendors to analyze and decipher the various offerings from Amazon Vendor Premium Services to allocate their marketing dollars appropriately.

One of the many vendor offerings is the Amazon Media Group (AMG).

From home page banner placement to HTML offerings, AMG is a premium advertising offer within Amazon’s vendor services, accessible via Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

Amazon Media Group can help vendors:

• Reach Amazon shoppers on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
• Create relevant campaigns that drive results
• Access transparent, full-funnel campaign metrics

AMG’s creative team manages:

  1. Amazon Display Ads
  2. Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)
  3. Kindle & Fire Experiences


1. Amazon Display Ads

Amazon Display Ads reach shoppers on desktop and mobile devices to showcase brands at every stage of the customer journey.

Amazon Product Display Ads:

• Advertise individual products
• Drive traffic to product’s detail page
• Create targeted ad campaigns
• Control spend with bid and budget
• Pay only when shoppers click
• Track campaign performance

With Amazon Display Ads, vendors can access reporting across all platforms, ad products, and campaigns—driving transparency, campaign efficiency, and performance with non-indexed campaign metrics.

2. Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

With Amazon’s Advertising Platform, vendors can extend their campaigns by reaching Amazon shoppers on Amazon sites and quality third party sites.

AAP implements full-screen or video formats during natural content breaks to drive traffic to the vendor’s website and landing pages. According to Amazon, AAP offers a variety of placements, including the ability to integrate Product Display Ads functionality (such as customer reviews and the Add to Cart button).

The Amazon Advertising Platform allows advertisers to efficiently reach Amazon shoppers on Amazon sites, across the web, and in mobile apps using:

Desktop Display Ads

AAP includes standard sizes for display on Amazon and other sites around the web (as seen in the example below).

amazon media group

Mobile Banner Ads

AAP Mobile offers display advertisers the ability to reach and target mobile users on high-quality third-party mobile applications on Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS platforms (as seen in the example below).

amazon media group

Mobile Interstitial Ads

AAP Mobile publishers can choose to display full-screen interstitial ads in their app, instead of or in addition to banner ads (as seen in the example below).

amazon media group

Image + Text Ads

Image + Text ads are a set of custom creative elements that include an image, ad title, body text and a final destination URL. These ads appear on non-Amazon websites as native advertising (as seen in the example below).

amazon media group

In-stream Video Ads

Advertisers can serve 5+ second in-stream video ads in MP4, WebM, or FLV format using the Amazon Ad Platform.

3. Kindle and Fire Experiences

The third element of AMG allows vendors to advertise visual campaigns for Amazon customers on Kindle, Fire tablet and Fire TV.

Amazon offers ads that appear on Kindle and Fire tablet lock screens as well as placement at the top of the Fire TV home screen. These ads are integrated into the product design and enable vendors to speak directly to their targeted consumers.

According to Amazon, Kindle, Fire tablet, and Fire TV campaigns can drive measurable brand awareness at cost-per-consideration rates at or below similar web-based campaigns.

amazon media group

With this feature, vendors can access to reporting details that elaborate on the campaign’s impact throughout customers’ purchase journey.

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What Vendors Should Know about Amazon Media Group

We’ve had mixed reviews on AMG as it relates to the value it adds to vendor accounts. But more recently, it appears that the program is focusing more on being able to prove its value to users and is showing signs that it can be an asset in a vendor’s toolbox.

For example, vendors seeking brand awareness rather than a distinct ROI can benefit from programs such as Kindle & Fire Experiences since these programs are similar to the way Display Ads work.

Before vendors invest (estimated minimum investment $35,000 – $50,000), they should weigh their own creative and marketing options. Ultimately, AMG is not designed to show a distinct ROI but rather is a long-term investment in acquiring greater market share, which is often measured by a suite of metrics.

According to an interview with Seth Dallaire, VP of Amazon Media Group, Global Advertising Sales, “At AMG, sometimes the objective isn’t to sell advertisers more ads.”

AMG can be used to “evaluate a partner’s broader retail health and the roles of contextual elements (e.g., Amazon product detail pages), third-party placements or product availability play in the path to conversion.”

According to Dallaire, “You can’t look at media and the customer shopping experience independently, particularly in an ecommerce environment. They’re completely intertwined.”

Amazon does offer (to select sellers) a free trial period for AMG participants with access to the AMG pixel and keyword data.

Pro-Tip: The AMG pixel can be place on ecommerce page and will identify the top 20 segments for seller’s business.

It’s unlikely sellers will see the ROI they expect after only a 30 day trail period. In most cases, sellers will need to analyze data over a longer period of time but in the long term, AMG is a potential research opportunity that can help sellers paint a better picture of who is actually interested in their products.

For more information check out our guide: Evaluating Amazon’s Vendor Premium Services, where we analyze many aspects of Amazon’s vendor programs and provide insight on which programs (like AMG, AMS, Vine, etc.) are the most influential to grow sales on Amazon.


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