The Amazon Prime Day Seller Plan of Action

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Prime Day 2016: The Seller’s Plan of Action

Amazon Prime Day is likely to be one of the biggest selling days for Amazon Sellers. This year, Amazon is being much more selective with the products they’ll promote on Prime Day so that they can work on providing a better customer experience this time around.

However, Prime Day is a little like Christmas in July in that there are going to be more shoppers on the platform which can boost sales for everyone.

In contrast to last year, when many sellers did not know how to prepare for the rise in traffic – sellers are now better equipped and Amazon is making a series of adjustments to offer customers better deals on their favorite items.

joe-selzer“The focus for Sellers is now shifting from preparation (setting up promotions, building advertisements, establishing budgets, etc.) to management and maximizing success the day of,” Joe Selzer, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy.

It will be imperative for Sellers to keep a watchful eye on their account(s) on July 12th, identifying and responding to any issues or opportunities as quickly as possible.”

“With so many shoppers flooding the Marketplace looking to “buy now,” anything hindering a Seller’s ability to make their products both discoverable and buyable can spell big trouble in terms of lost sales.”

“Some examples of issues Sellers should be wary of include out-of-budget advertising campaigns, account payment failures, and order fulfillment bottlenecks if they are not leveraging FBA.”

amazon prime day 2016

Amazon Prime Day Advertising Checklist

We spoke with Amazon experts to craft The Amazon Prime Day 2016 Seller Plan of Action, a list of best practices every sellers should implement on Amazon’s self-made shopping holiday.

Increase Budget


Monitor Budget


Campaign Builds


High Speed Sales


Amazon Prime Day Aftermath


The Seller’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day

amazon prime day 2016

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