4 Amazon Seller Success Stories You Won't Believe

By Tinuiti Team

With Prime Memberships rapidly increasing, we don’t expect Amazon’s growth to slow down any time soon.

The competition on Amazon is also continuing to get more fierce, especially with premium brands entering the Marketplace. Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Nike are just a few examples of major players which have entered the space with premium brand equity and deep pockets.

As the Marketplace continues to mature, it continues to require professional business acumen and a channel dedicated strategy to be successful.

Long gone are the days of throwing up a product data feed and hoping for success.

Just take it from former Amazon-employee and Head of Marketplace at CPC Strategy, Pat Petriello:

“Amazon is a ruthless marketplace, and Sellers/Vendors without a competitive value proposition, quality products, a dialed in strategy, and effective implementation across advertising, content, inventory, service, and branding will not be able to survive.”

Now the question is: How can brands / advertisers selling on Amazon stay ahead of the competition and which strategies are proven to be successful?

4 Amazon Success Stories You Won’t Believe

amazon seller success

In the following article, we highlight 4 Amazon success stories from our clients.

Each success story focuses on at least one specific obstacle the brand / retailer was facing.

From launching a new product to improving creative, and growing overall sales, we explain how our management team worked with each Vendor / Seller to meet their goals.

Let’s dive in.

Objective: Bring Long-Standing Brand to the Marketplace

Who: Pop-A-Shot

Solution: New Product Launch Strategy

Result: Pop-A-Shot Increases Amazon Sales 971% in One Month

Summary: How do you bring a long-standing brand to the Amazon Marketplace? Better yet – how do you revamp a 35 year old product, launch on the Amazon Marketplace and increase sales 971.67% – all in one month?

Oh, and did we mention this all happened during Q4 – when competition on the Marketplace is at an all time high?

Even for the most vigorous risk-takers, this sounds like an impossible task.

But not for Tony Stucker, an online advertiser turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur who teamed up with CPC Strategy in October 2017 to launch Pop-A-Shot’s new and improved basketball product on Amazon.

In the case of Pop-A-Shot, we implemented our “New Product Launch Strategy” featuring 3 specific advertising techniques that directly impacted the success of his product & brand on the Marketplace including:

Objective: Design & Implement Amazon Creative Content


Solution: Amazon Creative Content Strategy (EBC & A+Content)

Result: WHOOSH Increases Amazon Sales by 170.4%

Summary: Our creative team implemented Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content (via Vendor Express) on select ASINs to act as an extension of WHOOSH’s brand on the Marketplace.

We worked with WHOOSH to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

EBC and A+ Content gave WHOOSH the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant details about their product, which lead to an increase in conversion rate and a better shopping experience for their customers.

Objective: Outsource Advertising To Focus on New Marketing Efforts

Who: Oxyfresh

Solution: Amazon Sales Acceleration Strategy

Result: Oxyfresh’s Amazon Sales Jump 110%

Summary: From mouthwash to toothpaste and nutritional smoothies, Oxyfresh is rooted in all things that make you (and your pets) happy and healthy. But two years ago, one of the biggest hurdles for the Idaho-based company was how to tackle the Amazon Marketplace.

Four months after launching on the Marketplace, Oxyfresh decided to outsource their advertising efforts to CPC Strategy.

According to Melissa Gulbranson, Vice President of Marketing at Oxyfresh, it all came down to two very important things: focus and a proven track record.

“We are really good at creating phenomenal products and developing community. But when we started to look at how to manage our Amazon advertising efforts, we knew we needed someone that not only had a proven track record of helping other companies but could ensure Amazon advertising would be the focus.”

“Sure, we could have brought in a new team member but then we would of had to train them. We wanted to get it right – right out of the gate. CPC Strategy already knew what to do vs. what not to do on Amazon. The choice was clear … partner with someone who already has a focus on the Marketplace,” she said.

Oxyfresh saw significant improvements in performance, largely due to the implementation of our “Amazon Sales Acceleration” strategy which included:

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms, Oxyfresh has been freed up to invest in other marketing endeavors, such as:

Objective: Increase AMS Sales & Lower ACOS

Who: Seventh Generation

Solution: CAPx (CPC Strategy’s technology)

Result: Seventh Generation Increases AMS Sales by 441.41%, decrease ACoS -47.2%

Summary: Based in Vermont, Seventh Generation sells cleaning, paper, and personal care products designed with human health and the environment in mind.

Seventh Generation needed to improve their campaign management efficiency in order to scale. Shortly after they joined CPC Strategy, we implemented the use of (CAPX) our in-house technology, which allowed Seventh Generation to apply product-level bids throughout their entire catalog.

By restructuring their AMS campaigns, we were able to dissect and bid aggressively on keywords and products most likely to convert. Now, Account Managers can easily edit and update campaigns in a matter of minutes instead of hours. These improvements also provided more control over ACoS objectives by product category.

About CAPx for AMS (Amazon Vendors):  Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can be a highly effective ad platform, but it’s cumbersome and inefficient to make optimizations or access basic reports.

Active management of AMS campaigns can be extremely time-consuming in itself, which combined with the platform interface’s singular view of performance – the Lifetime date range – can lead to both a lot of wasted time and less-than-optimal performance.

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