How AMS Helped Grow Sawyer Products' Amazon Sales 900%

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Amazon Marketing Services AMS Campaign Launch

For two decades, Sawyer Products has offered some of the most technologically advanced solutions in outdoor gear. The company is an established leader in the development of products that protect against outdoor elements including the sun and insects.

Last year, in an effort to promote their new MINI Water Filter, Sawyer Products launched a digital ad campaign through Amazon Marketing Services.

As a direct result of their efforts through AMS, the MINI Water Filter (a small filter that attaches to a water bottle) was named the 5th highest best-seller in Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors category.


According to Travis Avery, VP of Marketing at Sawyer Products, in its first month the MINI’s Headline Search Ad campaign collected nearly 16,000 detail page views and their Product Display Ad (which appeared across and Amazon-owned / operated sites) received 12 million impressions.

Implementing Amazon Marketing Services AMS Campaigns

AMS is an advertising solution for Amazon vendors to enhance their brand discoverability and drive demand for their products sold on through three advertising platforms including:



Headline Search is based on customer intent and branding, where the Product Display side is based more on products. AMS Product Display Ads are known to boost product visibility through advertising and reach millions of Amazon shoppers with ads linking to product detail pages.

“Through AMS, Amazon has become one of our top distributors,” Avery said.

“Initially, we started on Amazon with dropshipping and once the wheels really started turning we got our pages and products set up and moved over to Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA).”

Prior to AMS, Avery said Sawyer Products was selling on average $50,000 a year on Amazon.

“By now we make or exceed that amount in less than a month, easily,” he said.

“The long term growth from the initial 50,000 figure to where we are now cannot solely be attributed to AMS as we had already started to utilize available features within Amazon well before AMS was implemented. With the expertise of our channel manager, our brand presence was already growing.  We were able to build content rich product pages that featured our products and their respective highlights.

“We wanted our customers to be able to make an informed decision and be confident in their purchase. We are very proud of our product line and we hope that customers can find the right product for their needs and Amazon’s platform allows us that opportunity. Once AMS became available, it simply made it even easier to drive traffic to our products and let the customer decide from there.”

Following the success of Product Display Ads, Sawyer Products decided to launch a custom Amazon page and Headline Search campaign.

Both the Product and Headline Search Ad campaigns provided an increase in traffic which led to more sales and ultimately the company’s highest month in revenue (up to that point). At the time of the campaign, Avery attributes the MINI’s success to effective cost spend, low CPCs and high ROI.

The Impact of Amazon Marketing Services AMS Campaigns

“AMS gives us the versatility to quickly and easily change ad campaigns. We have a very wide product line, but there are probably a dozen or so top products in the Amazon program.”

“What AMS was able to do is snowball the popularity with the compounding reviews and search ranking. The more we were able to funnel traffic through AMS, the more we were able to generate a significant amount of sales,” Avery said.

“One of the biggest benefits of AMS was the ability to experiment with different keyword options and target audiences. I think it’s that willingness to test and see what works and what doesn’t.”

“Although AMS has definitely been fruitful for us, that’s not to say we don’t participate in the larger promotional or seasonal campaigns. The versatility, customization factor is easily our most preferred method of promotions and targeting.”

What other Amazon Vendor Premium Services Do You Recommend?

Premium Reporting:

“We’ve found Premium Reporting to be a valuable asset.”

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium provides access to more than 20 top level reports with multi-level capabilities. In total this amounts to almost 60 different types of reports available in ARA Premium including:

The most influential and useful tool within Premium Reporting is the fact it shows vendors search volume for specific keywords. This information provides vendors with an understandable advantage at AEO and with advertising.

Amazon Customer Reviews:


“Outside of adding new products, one of the biggest limitations or frustrating aspects is implementing a new version of a product. Once you create a new item, you have to start a new page entirely so you lose all the products search ranking and relevancy.”

“It’s a shifting market (at least in our industry) and some of the brick and mortar stores we’ve been working with for many years find it hard to compete with the online marketplace. Amazon is fantastic resource. Their online review system is probably the most popular pre-purchase review site in the industry.”

“We’ve dabbled with review systems on our site, but we don’t push our customers towards our own ecommerce site. We always try to push them to our retailers to keep that relationship growing. I think the biggest thing we would have liked in the past (which is now available) was the ability as a manufacturer to comment on customer reviews. That would have been helpful. But, we’re very fortunate to have an educated and loyal customer base. Majority of the time, the right answers came to light and any biased review were exposed.”

“We’re familiar with Vine. We had thought about testing it but we’re more than confident in our customers and the naturally aggregating reviews. Many of our top products have a more than adequate amount of reviews, I feel very proud about that. I would not speak poorly of the Vine reviews, I personally reference those and I think Amazon does a very good job, but we have not personally tested it. We are certainly not opposed to using it, we just haven’t launched a product where we thought it would be necessary yet.”

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