Safeguards to Prevent Repricing Issues on Amazon

By Tinuiti Team

While platform wide issues with repricing are rare, they occur often enough that it is worth a retailers time and effort to create safeguards to prevent issues like this from jeopardize their Amazon Merchant account. Amazon has rolled out a relatively new feature that gives sellers the option to set rules for Price Alerts within Amazon Seller Central, which will flag and pull active listings on Amazon based on price floors (which sellers establish):

Amazon Marketplace repricing

For Amazon sellers looking to prevent similar issues, consider setting price alerts within Amazon.

To set price alerts, follow the steps in the gif below:

Amazon repricing fix

Don’t Leave Everything to Automation

With any Amazon automation, Amazon sellers face the potential to encounter preventable issues. The key take-away from the RepricerExpress issue for all sellers is the importance of understanding the full capabilities of any third party technology tool which is integrated with their business.

Whether it be repricing, inventory syncing, product content creation, multi-channel management, automated review messaging, or any other service, the tools must be driven by those with a full understanding of their capabilities.

Technology tools are powerful and can have a significant positive impact on a seller’s ability to compete, but they are not to be left running unchecked. Many times, a seller’s Amazon channel will evolve quickly, creating use cases which weren’t considered by the merchant when an automated technology tool was initially set up.

Constant vigilance and ensuring that a seller is fully aware of the capabilities of the tools they are using are key to getting the most performance benefit while preventing mistakes which can escalate quickly and damage a channel.

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