Using Creative Trends to Set Your Ads Apart

By Tinuiti Team

Does your eCommerce, retail or fashion digital marketing team keep up with emerging trends and new innovative styles in creative advertising? If not, then this is a must-read. You want your digital advertisements to be visually captivating while having the right textual style to convey the importance of your brand and the distinguishing characteristics of your company’s products. However, if your ads don't do that, then you're losing out to competitors. So, does your digital marketing team change its ads or are they resting on their laurels?

The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” shouldn’t apply when it comes to creative advertising. Yes, improving the performance of existing advertisements often takes just a couple of tweaks here and there. However, your ads must appeal to today’s audience, and the surest way to improve the strength of your advertisements is by revamping or upgrading your creative design. So, how is that done?

Eliminating Ad Fatigue

Think about today’s tech-savvy audience and how often they’re inundated with imagery and textual advertisements. It’s easy for them to tune it all out and some are doing exactly that by using ad-blocking software. After all, it doesn’t take much for an advertisement to wear out its welcome. 

Your digital marketing team must stay up-to-date with emerging trends in creative design. That old advertisement eventually gets ignored, and your click-through-rate (CTR) suffers as a result. Upgrading new advertisements with new creative designs ensures that your audience is constantly engaged with new and interesting offers.  

Stay Up-to-Date with Ad Trends

Your digital marketing team must be upping the ante in creative advertising. If you need inspiration, then gain some insight from your competitors. What are they doing that you aren’t? Do you often feel as if you’re in catch-up mode? If so, then take a step back and minimize your style.

Keep it simple. Create anticipation and intrigue in your product by not giving too much information. This will give your audience a reason to inquire. A compelling, clear and straightforward creative advertisement that makes a bold claim is one that will surely incentivize your audience to act. 

Adopt Multiple Movement Strategies

Think about what it takes to catch your audience’s attention nowadays. It’s not just about having vivid images and eye-catching colors. It’s about engaging your audience with thought-provoking advertisements, and it’s about using movement to catch their attention.

Animated GIFs: These are images, or elements within an image, that change on a continuous loop.  

Cinemagraphs: These allow you to select a portion of the image and set it in motion, while the rest of the image remains still.

Stop Motion: Think of these as static images within an object that are moving in incremental frames and strung together in a sequence in order to show slight, but noticeable movements.

Video Ads: As the name implies, these are video-based advertisements that highlight a product or service. They're perfect for telling a story about your brand and distinguishing your approach to business.  

Text Animations: These are ads where images may be static or rotational, but the text is constantly changing in order to accentuate features and benefits or draw attention to your brand. 

Micro-interactions: You’ve seen micro-interactions if you’ve ever seen a pulsating button flashing “SHOP NOW” or “LEARN MORE” within an advertisement. These help to catch the audience’s attention by focusing the advertisement on a single, all-important task. A perfect example is provided below. 

Transition Animations: These are smooth transitions where images seamlessly change. They often include using color gradients in order to enhance imagery and text. Flatlays involve giving potential customers another angle of your product, such as presenting it from an overhead view. Overlays include text overlays highlighting your value proposition or your products price. 

Don't get lazy with your advertisements. Think outside the box and use existing advertisements from competitors and partners as motivation. The more creative your advertisement, the more likely it is to motivate your customers to act. 

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