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Should You Consider Programmatic Creative?

By Tinuiti Team

Many advertisers see programmatic advertising as the most efficient buying method for display campaigns . However, few advertisers consider programmatic creative. Which is too bad, because it’s easier than you think to do. You can use the creative strategies that you’ve employed through both static and rich media banners and apply it to programmatic creative, which often leads to much higher ROI and greater engagement. You’ll reap several benefits from stepping up your advertising game with programmatic creative.

Increased ROI

Even as far back as 2010, a comScore study revealed that adding creative to a marketing strategy increased sales lift by as much as 52 percent. That's four times greater than a quality media plan by itself.

Programmatic advertising has become far more intelligent in the seven years since that study, which could mean far greater ROI benefits. 

Faster Changes Based on Incoming Data

We live in an increasingly data-driven world, especially with urgency to incorporate mobile data, so it's no surprise that marketers want to adjust their display advertising campaigns in real time. As new data rolls in, marketers find new metrics to track, new markets to target, and new ways to segment consumers.

Instead of starting from scratch to create new creative concepts and units, marketers can use programmatic creative to update their APIs faster and more effectively. Assets like templates and pre-built units can include changeable elements that help you target your audience more effectively.

Increased Focus on the End User

We all know that personalization increases ROI and engagement levels in both display advertising and other marketing efforts, such as paid search and paid social. Programmatic creative allows you to target segmented customer sets with relevant CTAs and other elements in your display banners. 

The algorithms involved in programmatic creative can draw data from consumer browser searches, product viewing history, consumers' geo-locations, location-specific weather patterns, and more to determine what banner to display. The result? Highly targeted advertising that consumers actually find relevant to their needs.

Explore Creative Segmentation

You know that your customers patronize your business for different reasons. When you segment creative based on specific categories or user data patterns, programmatic makes your efforts more effective and more agile. 

For instance, a user who visits your website might benefit from a CTA that encourages them to come back to the website's home page. On the other hand, if a user visits a landing or product page, he or she might respond more positively to a CTA and banner ad that displays the item or page that interested him or her in the first place. Including similar or related items in a product carousel can increase engagement levels even further.

Weighing Your Options

It's true that programmatic creative can get expensive, especially if you don't have a clearly defined strategy right from the start. Advertisers must weigh the potential costs and investment requirements to launch an effective programmatic creative solution before they jump into the strategy. Potential costs include:

The goal is to reach your target ROI through the best display advertising strategy for your business. To learn more about your options and the role of display advertising in achieving heightened brand awareness, revenue, and other benefits, check out our case study: Reach and Retain: Top 10 Performance Display Tips.

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