How Beardbrand Went From $0 to $120k per Month in Sales in Less Than One Year

By Tinuiti Team

Founder Eric Bandholz Shares His Success With Branding, Achieving Growth, and Beards

Watch it On Demand | 63 minutes

As one of the most abstract and poorly-defined concepts in ecommerce, branding is a challenge often disregarded by growth-focused businesses. But in just one year, Beardbrand went from a $0 to $120k/month in sales with a brand-focused growth strategy.

This webinar features two beard-clad CEOs, Beardbrand’s Eric Bandholz and CPC Strategy’s Rick Backus.

Learn how To Create A Branding Strategy Focused On:

  • Social Media Promotion
  • Integrating PR Best Practices
  • Content Marketing For Retail



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