How To Set Up Google Trusted Stores

By Tinuiti Team

Differentiating your store on Google can be the key to getting sales.

Google Trusted Stores (GTS) is a  program designed to highlight Google merchants who have exceptional customer service and shipping reliability. Advertisers have the opportunity to highlight their high quality of service, and shoppers have confidence in the retailers they purchase from.

” The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web. Google allows merchants who meet certain shipping and customer service performance metrics to participate in this free program. Participating merchants display the Google Trusted Store badge on their web sites.”- Google

Google Trusted Stores badges appear on, Google ads and on search pages.

Here is an example of a Google Trusted Stores in search:

Google trusted stores creation

Google Trusted Stores on search

Google Trusted Store merchants also display a badge on their site which highlights site performance ratings for customer service and shipping:

Google Trusted Stores badge

Google Trusted Stores badge

What is Google Trusted Stores?

Google Trusted Stores Benefits

Google Trusted Stores is a way to highlight your shipping and customer service for buyers to:


How To Set Up Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Store merchants apply to become members, a status which is highlighted on search to set your listings apart. To sign up for  Google Trusted Stores, advertisers should follow the following steps:

Once you have created your account, setup your feeds, and installed the JavaScript your account will go under a 28 day and/or 500 order monitoring period to ensure you meet the Performance Standards.

What are the Google Trusted Stores Performance Standards?Google Trusted stores

In order to become and maintain Google Trusted Store Status, Google focuses on three Performance metrics:

Google Trusted Stores explains in further detail the Performance Standards you need to meet in order to qualify to become a Trusted Store.

Google Trusted Stores Difficulties

Google Trusted vs. Amazon Prime

For online Shoppers, Google Trusted Stores acts similar to how Amazon’s seller reviews monitor retailer performance. Customers can op-in to receive free purchase protection from Google. Google offers up to $1,000 for customer lifetime purchase protection, and a 60 day complaint window after placing an order.

Online shoppers are required to contact the online seller before bringing issues to Google such as:

Here is a look at some of the major variables for the two services:

Amazon vs. Google


What has your experience been with Google Trusted Stores?

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