Magento Go Review

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Magento Go Review

UPDATE 7/2/14: Magento Go will be shut down as of February 1st, 2015. Magento has partnered with Bigcommerce to transition all current Go clients to their platform.

magento-review-logo If you’re interested in creating or transferring your online store, this unbiased Magento Go review will help you learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the ecommerce platform. You can also check out our Magento Community Review and our Magento Enterprise Review.

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Magento Go Review: What Kind of Merchant Should Use the Magento Go Platform?

Use this chart to determine which Magento plan is right for you. [ws_table id=”33″]

Check out all 4 Magento Go pricing plans.

Magento Community is an open-source software that requires the user to have a lot of technical expertise yet it is extremely customizable. There is no technical support included for this plan, and many times a small to medium sized business will hire a developer to get the most out of Community.

The Magento Enterprise edition is designed for medium to large-sized businesses and is an extremely complete and powerful package. The main drawback is its extensive price, which starts at an annual fee of $15,550 (about $1300 a month). The Premium Enterprise solution starts at $49,990 per year. The likes of Samsung, Ford, and Nike use Enterprise.

Magento Go is the most basic Magento plan and is also the least customizable.  If Enterprise is the father and Community is the mother, then Go is the middle school child.  It’s designed for small businesses that prefer a simple online store.  For the sake of not beating a dead horse, this Magento review will focus on the little known Go.

Magento Go starts at $15/month for 200MB of storage space and 100 SKUs and ends at $125/month for 10,000 SKUs and 5 GB of storage space. Given the fact that Magento Go has limited SKU and storage space plans, it is ideal for small businesses.


Magento Go Review: Good Magento Go Features [ws_table id=”34″]

Magento Go Review: Bad Magento Go Features [ws_table id=”35″]

You can view all of Magento Go’s features here.

Magento Go Review: Submit Your Product Data Feed from Magento Go to Google Shopping

Thanks to Magento’s extensive Knowledge Base, sending your product feed over to a Google Merchant Account should be relatively seamless.  Follow these Magento-provided instructionsto integrate with Google Shopping.  Unfortunately, running into problems/issues using this method would not be unheard of.

Magento Go Review: Notable Magento Go Examples

Off The Hook (Shoes and Apparel)

Arrive Chic (Travel Accessories)

Dog Geekz(Dog Accessories)

Magento Go Review: Bottom Line

Magento Go has all the makings to become a great and affordable ecommerce platform, but they’re still rather infantile in their developmental stages.  It’s very possible that over the years, this ecommerce platform will become more sophisticated (and perhaps more expensive).  Ultimately, Magento Go will offer a very rudimentary and plain experienceto its users.

Magento Go Ecommerce Platform Comparison Grade: B-

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*Note: Grades are subjectively based on analysis and comparison to other ecommerce platforms, based on availability, significance, and functionality of the platform feature and overall value.

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