People I Admire In Ecommerce #5: Miranda Miller, Staff Writer at Search Engine Watch and Owner of SMB Marketing Tips

By Tinuiti Team

Who is Miranda Miller?Miranda Miller SMB Marketing Tips

Miranda is a staff writer for Search Engine Watch and also owner and operator of the small business marketing blog,

I was able to meet Miranda in person twice, once at SES San Francisco 2011 and also for an SES Accelerator here in San Diego this year. First words that come to mind from our interactions on and offline: smart, bold, fair, and kind.

She has a vast array of knowledge surrounding the latest trends and tricks hitting SEO, search, and ecommerce industries, and she’s not afraid to report any story that might make other journalists nervous with apprehension. That’s one of the reason’s she’s someone I admire.

Her ability to talk openly about serious issues in the online world add a layer of hard, slap-you-in-the-face-truth is refreshing to see among so many other topical, boring news sites out there.

If you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth about our industry, Miranda will give it to you straight. It’s been a pleasure knowing her and reading her articles for the past two years, and her communication style, like John’s, is one I look up to. As a matter of fact, Miranda, you and John would probably make pretty good friends.

You can check out Miranda on Twitter here.

That’s it for this episode of People I Admire In Ecommerce.

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