Where Brand Manufacturers & Vendors Will Find the Biggest Opportunities This Holiday Season

As retail brands approach Q4, it’s critical to be more aggressive and highly visible on the channels where shoppers have the highest intent to purchase.

So where are brand manufacturers seeing the highest ROI on product advertising?

On Wednesday, Aug. 26 at 11am (PST), Jeff Coleman Director of Account Management at CPC Strategy and Elizabeth Jackson CMO & EVP Corporate Strategy at Hooklogic, Inc. will discuss the best strategies for brand manufacturers and vendors to increase product visibility on top tier retail sites like Amazon, Walmart, & Target to effectively grow product orders (POs).


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Amazon vendor strategy for Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  • Transitioning from vendor to third party seller on Amazon
  • How to create compelling product ads on mobile devices
  • Implementing cross-selling
  • Product content optimization
  • Leveraging post-holiday sales opportunities
  • Live Q&A

Product Advertising Strategy
for Retail Brands This Q4




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