SEO Product Descriptions: Creating Unique Product Descriptions

By Tinuiti Team

SEO Product Descriptions: Why Do You Need Unique Product Descriptions?

ecommerce product descriptionsSearch engines such as Google view duplicate content as a sign that a site is less reliable. Having non-unique (ie stock) descriptions on product pages can potentially hurt your products’ organic traffic on search engines.

Most retailers who do not have their own products typically use the manufacturer product descriptions (and often product titles and images).

Creating unique product descriptions will positively impact conversion rates by differentiating you from other sellers and by providing a better customer experience.

For example, all of the sellers below sell the same product, and only one has a unique description:

duplicate product descriptions, seo

SEO Product Descriptions: Are There Automated Solutions For Creating Unique Product Descriptions?

It’s a better user experience and just generally more SEO friendly to have unique product descriptions. However, manually making this type of a change can be difficult and time-costly.

While not totally automated, there are services and plugins you can use to facilitate the process of creating unique product descriptions.

If you have any prior experience using either Jigoshop or Servio, we’d love to hear about your experience.

SEO Product Descriptions: How Should A Retailer Create Unique Product Descriptions?

SEO product descriptions will increase organic traffic, differentiate your brand, and create a better user experience with your product listings.

If you’re having problems generating unique product descriptions, here are some helpful resources:

Examples of Compelling Product Descriptions- Practical Ecommerce

Creating Better Ecommerce Product Descriptions- Forbes

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