Top Email Marketing Service: Lyris Review

By Tinuiti Team

Lyris Email Marketing Service Review

top-email-marketing-service-lyris-logoChoosing an email marketing service is difficult, below is a review of Lyris to help you make informed decisions about email marketing services.

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Lyris At First Glance

On the surface Lyris does not appear to have the advantages of a full scale email marketing service provider. However, Lyris specializes in management of custom email marketing campaigns for large businesses. Lyris combines an enterprise grade email marketing service with a dedicated team to help businesses enhance their email marketing efforts.

Lyris Pricing

Similar to Listrak, Lyris does not publish pricing on their website. Based on our research, Lyris is best utilized by businesses with a monthly budget of ~$2,500 for email marketing. To acquire specific pricing details, contact Lyris’ sales team for more information.

Who’s Best Suited for Lyris?

Cost aside, Lyris is best suited for enterprise level businesses with a monthly email volume exceeding 250,000.  Small to medium sized businesses should consider more cost efficient email marketing services such as MailChimp or AWeber until they build their list.

Lyris Features & Usability

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Notable Lyris Users


Bottom Line

Lyris offers comprehensive email marketing services for enterprise level businesses looking to further develop their email marketing campaigns. As businesses outgrow other email marketing services, Lyris can provide the tools to easily manage high volume email marketing campaigns.

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