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Email Marketing Software & Services Compared

Email marketing has long been a cornerstone for ecommerce over the past decade. Recently, email marketing has seen a revolution in the ecommerce sector with superior tracking, ease of design and cost reductions.

The bottom line is email marketing is still one of the most effective and reliable tools for both B2B and B2C businesses.

We have compared 9 of the most popular email marketing services and graded them on pricing, functionality, and usability. Check out the individual reviews for more in-depth information about each services.


These services were evaluated and graded based on a subscriber list of 5,000-10,000 individuals.

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Top Email Marketing Service Scores

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Best Pricing

getresponse-rop-email-marketing-service1. GetResponse (A-): For a subscriber list of up to 10,000, you’ll be paying $65/month to be able to send unlimited emails.

If you pay annually, that fee goes down to an average of $53.50/month (18% off). GetResponse also offers a free 30-day trial.

mailchimp-top-email-marketing-service2. MailChimp (A-): For a subsrciber list of up to 10,000, you can send unlimited emails for $75/month.

However, if the number of emails you send will fluctuate, you can pay on a credit system so you only pay when you actually use it. A great feature about MailChimp is that it’s completely free for up to 2000 subscribers so that you can use the tool to build your subscriber list to a size that warrants a paid solution.

constantcontact-top-email-marketing-service3. Constant Contact (B): For a subscriber list up to 10,000, you’ll be paying $110 a month. They offer prepay discounts for 6 months (10% off) and 1 year (15% off).

They also offer a no risk trial.

Best Functionality

getresponse-rop-email-marketing-service1. GetResponse(A): Premium pricing comes with worthy features for GetResponse. This service is an excellent choice for experienced internet marketers and has strong automation feature. GetResponse also offers a very scalable structure and it can integrate well with Google Analytics.



2. AWeber (A): A large selection of templates for web forms and email newsletters are provided. AWeber also includes a dynamic autoresponder which can be leveraged to save time. They also allow you to create an unlimited number of segmented lists.


icontact-top-email-marketing-service3. iContact (B+): An excellent choice for small businesses, they offer a large focus on social media integration. Included is a marketing glossery for those who are just getting started. They do not offer email segmentation.


Best Usability

mailchimp-top-email-marketing-service1. MailChimp (A): MailChimp is simple and intuitive to use. Drag and drop email creation and responsive customer support make MailChimp an excellent, no-mess solution for small business looking to increase brand awareness without the headache.


getresponse-rop-email-marketing-service2. GetResponse (A): GetResponse couples the usability of a small business solution with large-business capability. There is a robust design & color scheme bank, however HTML emails are possible for in house developers.


verticalresponse-top-email-marketing-service3. VerticalResponse (B): Not the easiest to use initially, however, it integrates well with other platforms such as Salesforce. The reporting included with VerticalResponse is very detailed tracking metrics such as clicks, opens, and social shares.


Do your research before linking up with an email marketing service provider. Check out the individual reviews for more in-depth, opinionated analyses below.

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