Video Marketing: The Biggest Trends of the Year

By Tinuiti Team

With the rise of Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram stories, video marketing is no longer optional. It’s downright necessary to staying relevant.

Regardless of what line of business you’re in, video marketing has the power to engage customers, bring in new leads and increase brand awareness across all demographics and groups.

And thanks to higher-quality mobile devices and tablets, it’s not even that expensive. All you need is an iPhone and a Facebook page, and you can create and share quality videos in just minutes.

But exactly what types of videos should be creating and posting? What’s the most effective use of your team’s time and resources?

Video Marketing: The Biggest Trends of the Year

video marketing trends

Here are the most popular video marketing trends this year:

Live streaming:

There are huge benefits to live streaming (think Facebook Live, as an example.) For one, it has very low production costs. There’s no editing or post-production work required, and as far as equipment goes, you only need a phone or tablet — something most of us already have in our pockets.

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Live videos also build brand authenticity. They increase transparency and make companies more relatable and relevant. They also encourage interaction and engagement, and they’re a little bit fun and spontaneous, too (and how many brands can boast that?)

Finally, live videos also offer a two-fold boost in awareness. First, there’s the initial live streaming, which comes with push notifications and live interactions from followers.

And second, there’s the staying power. Live videos stay on the platform after the fact, meaning followers can come back and view them later or potential leads can dive in and learn more about you as they discover your brand. You can also continue to share the videos on your various social feeds for months or even years to come.


In content marketing, we create blogs, articles and other written resources to establish brands as experts in their fields. It’s part of the reason why blogs and online content creation has surged in recent years.

Well, the same idea rings true in video marketing. By offering seminars, classes, how-tos and instructional videos, companies can prove themselves to be leaders in their respective industries. They can become the go-to source for advice, guidance and even media commentary in the space.

These elearning videos are also a great way to monetize your team’s expertise. You can create subscription-based classes or for-purchase modules that add an easy, consistent income stream for your business. You can also use them to cut costs and increase efficiencies internally.

Videos are great for training employees and transmitting company-wide news and information.

360-degree videos:

This type of video marketing allows you to deliver full-on experiences for your customers. Also known as spherical videos, they allow the user to physically engage with the content they’re seeing. They can control their view and rotate around, exploring any and all facets of what you’re showing them.

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These videos are ideal for generating interest and sparking curiosity. Run a ski resort? Let users explore the view from your highest slope using a 360-degree video.

Have a daycare facility? Let potential parents click around your playspaces to see if it’s the right fit for their kiddos.

In the end, 360-degree videos can help consumers make more informed buying decisions, as well as help spur engagement and overall interest in a brand.

Demo and how-to videos:

Videos can also be used to provide more value for your existing customers. Instead of including a lengthy brochure with each product, create a demo video instead. Show buyers exactly how to set up, install or put together the product they’ve just bought, and walk them through the ins and outs of using it.

You can also create a library of how-to videos that help customers repair, maintain or troubleshoot their purchases or that feature various upgrades, add-ons and other items they can use to augment or customize the product.

Event videos:

If you host any kind of events — trade shows, conferences, town hall meetings or even just a roundtable discussion — videography should be a high priority.

Whether it’s live streaming or something edited and posted after the fact, videos can give your event extra legs, making it more shareable and extending its lifespan.

They’re also great for bridging geographical gaps and encouraging customer loyalty — regardless of where buyers might be located.

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