Why YOUR Ecommerce Shop?

By Tinuiti Team

“A man with a why can survive almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Steve Jobs knew this – the why was a beautiful product, a simplistic design and a great user experience. The how was left to the consumer: buy this bad boy for $2k+. And they did it, happily, in droves.

Zappos also knows this. Why Zappos? You get a level of service unsurpassed online. The how? Customers will find Zappos prices to be 10 – 20% higher than other shoe companies. Customers happily buy from Zappos in droves.

Groupon knew this. Why Groupon? You get crazy deals from local companies. The how? Easy – just sign up with your email to get updates & purchase them at will.

If you have a why, not only will your customers survive any how (whether your price is higher, your website looks a little crappier than the rest, whatever), your employees will survive any how as well. That passion is contagious, and spreads like a wildfire.

Why your products? Why your brand? Why should I care? The inverse of a why is just another shop with no life, no character. But we each have character, we each have a why. Sometimes, we need to refine it. Other times, we need to learn how to share it. At all times, we need a why in today’s world, where thousands of ecommerce shops pop up every single day.

Why yours?

Further reading on why: What’s your USP?

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