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Q1 Holiday Calendar: Valentine’s Day Email Marketing + More

By Tinuiti Team

This article was co-authored by Ananda Farge and Keri Brooks.

Think the holidays are over? Think again! Heart-shaped chocolate boxes have already replaced Christmas decorations in major stores in preparation for Valentine’s Day. This year, an estimated $20 billion dollars is projected to be spent on Valentine’s Day in the United States alone, and businesses across all industries are finding ways to leverage the holiday to drive revenue. 

While email marketing for Valentine’s Day should definitely be on your agenda this quarter, there are plenty of additional opportunities to connect with your audience, provide value, and increase your conversion rate throughout Q1. 

Read on for recommendations for your V-day planning, as well as other holidays and seasonal moments you should consider incorporating in your marketing plans. 

Hit your February goals with these top Valentine’s Day Strategies:

Why you should send Valentine’s Day Campaigns

Consumers are spending more, especially on themselves. Look for opportunities to connect your brand to the concepts of ‘Treat Yourself’ and ‘Galentine’s Day’, along with the traditionally romantic gift-giving messages usually associated with Valentine’s Day. Broaden your reach—and your share of wallet—by marketing to gift-givers and self-gifters alike. As Leslie Knope put it, “It’s only the best day of the year!”

How to adopt Valentine’s Day if your company doesn’t provide traditional gifts:

Think of this holiday as a reason to show your subscribers some love. Inboxes will be overflowing with promotions, so ensure you’re capturing your slice of the heart-shaped pie. This can be achieved by sending a special offer to reward your VIP customers, providing curated content featuring “most-loved items”, or highlighting any work done by your company in the community. Valentine’s Day is more than a romantic holiday; it can also be a good opportunity to incorporate feel-good messaging into your campaigns.

Worried about the sensitive nature of this holiday? Utilize a preferences campaign:

Any holiday can be a painful period for a subset of your audience, and taking steps to allow subscribers to opt out of particular messages can go a long way toward building brand loyalty. Weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, start asking your contacts if they want to be excluded from receiving holiday messaging (and notating Valentine’s Day specifically). This can be easily accomplished by sending out a dedicated campaign that routes your contacts to a preference center where they can opt out of Valentine’s messages. Simply add these contacts to a Valentine’s Day suppression list, and make good on your promise by leaving them off of the distribution list for holiday-themed campaigns.

If you need more ideas, consider the following messaging tactics: 

Valentine’s Day not a fit for your brand? Think outside the box with campaigns or promotions centered around these holidays and events:









While it can seem daunting to celebrate a holiday every month, take the time to plan ahead and incorporate holidays that best fit your brand.  Keep in mind that it is important to bring your subscriber value beyond just a promotion; use your email copy and brand mission to accomplish this. Embrace what the new year has to offer, and aim to become your subscribers’ favorite emails to open!

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