CRO from the Ground Up

By Tinuiti Team

Joanna Weibe, the famed founder and copywriter of Copy Hackers, once said: “Take a hiatus from being ‘creative’ and look at your website like a lab, not an easel.” It’s worth noting her company coined the term “conversion copyhacking.”

Her quote highlights the need to take a break from creating an artistic masterpiece out of your website to use it as an empirical source instead. When you dig deeper into the presentation and functions of your website, what does it reveal about your conversion capacity? Do you know the main elements of conversion rate optimization? And do you have them in the right order?

Understand that the basis of successful CRO is the technical framework, user experience, and persuasion – in that very order! This specific hierarchy will produce the best results for CRO because the order focuses on laying out the right tools to design a website that’s easy to navigate, and truly helps users.

For example, you shouldn’t think about being persuasive with your site (step three) if your site isn’t loading correctly (step one). Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this marketing experience from the ground up.

Technical proficiency

Your site needs to work properly from a technical standpoint and needs to perform well before you move on to design and layout changes. To do so, utilize certain tools for measuring the performance of your site and knowing how to tackle conversion rate optimization for this area. For example, use tools such as Google Pagespeed and YSlow to test and improve your page-loading capabilities.

These tools can help you identify ways to make your site run faster and be more mobile-friendly. If your site is running slow, you can end up having a low rate of conversions for a given moment of time. People prefer instantaneous results, so it’s important that you stay on top of this demand to drive customer satisfaction.

Phenomenal user experience

Your site should be easy to use and intuitive to visitors with the help of conversion rate optimization. The structure of your site should make it easy for visitors to access category pages, product pages, sign up forms, contact information, and more. Make sure these things are highly visible. Your site design should possess text, imagery, links, buttons, and pages that have compatible positions, sizes, and colors with each other.

Allow your visitors to navigate your site with such convenience that it feels like second nature to them. In other words, you shouldn’t need any instructions posted on your site to navigate it effectively – it should be a straightforward process. The easier your site is, the more likely you are to gain conversions.

Heartfelt persuasion

Now, it’s time to focus on persuading your visitors with the beneficial products and services you offer through your conversion rate optimization efforts. But this isn’t just about your products and services; it’s also about how you present them. Let this infiltrate your website copy, including your product descriptions, blog posts, videos and more. Show your visitors you are aware of their problems and concerns.

More importantly, let them know you have what it takes to answer their questions and solve their problems. Meet your visitors where they are in the sales funnel. And speak to them in ways that reassure their interactions with your site. For example, if a visitor comes to your site from an ad, make sure he or she is on a web page that complements the ad content. Build up the conversion momentum from there.

If conversion rate optimization isn’t your area of expertise, it may be best to outsource this work to a digital marketing agency. Choose a digital marketing agency that practices complete transparency and collaboration. Make sure you receive all data and reports about your CRO outcomes and overall marketing performance from this agency. Competitive analysis, website testing, problem/solution consultation, and more are CRO tactics that deserve to be exercised.

Interested in learning more about CRO? To learn more read our publication, See How to Convert: Top 10 CRO Tips.

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