Google Analytics Unveils Cross-Device Reporting

By Tinuiti Team

Google Analytics has just rolled out new Cross-Device reporting capabilities, and this new reporting has tons of benefits for marketing teams. We all know a customer’s journey does not live solely on one device or originate from a single channel anymore, and with Cross-Device reports, we can finally analyze how all of our touchpoints work together.

Benefits from Cross-Device Reporting

GA’s Cross-Device reporting will help your team make better-informed decisions about product marketing by providing clear insight into the actions a customer takes on various devices.

Before Cross-Device reporting, if a customer visited your site from their desktop and then from their phone, those sessions wouldn’t be correlated in Google Analytics. Now, with Cross-Device reporting, you can track visitors’ paths across all devices.

With this insight, you’ll have access to data that will help you refine customer journeys and better target and advertise based on device.


Remarketing efforts will also benefit tremendously from Google Analytics’ new reporting ability. Combining multi-device sessions under one user gives you a more complete picture of your customer, and makes your remarketing more effective.

For example, with Cross-Device reporting, you may discover that a 2-time site visitor from mobile is actually a 6-time site visitor with their mobile and desktop sessions combined. This additional information may change the offers, ads, and content you serve them.

How To Enable Cross-Device Reporting

No doubt, there’s a ton of valuable, actionable data headed our way. However, there’s only one way to experience the benefits of Cross-Device reporting — you have to enable it in Google Analytics. To do that, go to the Admin setting in your Google Analytics account and select activate Google Signals.

Keep in mind: some might not see this option just yet, Google just released the feature, but it should appear soon without updating anything within the account.

Are you all caught up on your Google Analytics’ updates? Prior to Cross-Device reporting, Google released the Conversion Probability Report. Learn more about that update, how it works, and its benefits in our post: Google Analytics Reveals New Conversion Probability Report.

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