Introducing Mobius — Technology That Closes the Loop on Your Marketing Performance

By Tinuiti Team

All brands, large and small, face unique business challenges caused by loops in marketing data.

Incomplete and poorly organized data costs businesses billions of dollars each year due to inaccurate forecasting, attribution, customer lifetime values, budget allocation, and a myriad of other problems.

But what if you could unify all of your data channels into a single platform — and then build targeted analytics solutions to transform those challenges into actionable insights that grow your business?

Over the past few years, our marketing scientists and developers have been working hard to build the perfect suite of tools to help brands accomplish just that.

Today, we are excited to present this solution as Mobius — our proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology.

“Tinuiti’s technology, particularly in marketplaces, has always been one of the agency’s best-kept secrets. We’ve been working on this tool for Amazon since 2014 and building off the learnings. As new marketplaces come online, we’re able to innovate quickly to bring clients access and success on these platforms.”

nii ahene

— Nii Ahene, Chief Strategy Officer at Tinuiti


1. Make Today’s Data Challenges Tomorrow’s Growth Opportunities With Mobius


We know firsthand how interpreting results and making decisions based on incomplete data is bad for business. 

That’s exactly why we set out to build Mobius — to empower you to truly understand every data touchpoint to make smarter decisions that make your marketing dollars go farther than ever before.

So what is Mobius, and how does it empower you and your marketing to grow your business?

Mobius is a marketing intelligence and media activation suite made up of three distinct products designed to help unify, optimize, and activate your marketing data, unlike any other platform.

“Mobius is smarter marketing intelligence brought to you by Tinuiti. It empowers you and our internal teams to truly understand all of the data touchpoints and what comes next. At a high level, Mobius is three different products designed to unify, optimize, and activate all of your data.”

andrew richardson vp of analytics at tinuiti

— Andrew Richardson, Senior Vice President of Analytics & Marketing Science at Tinuiti


Each part of Mobius was developed by Tinuiti to empower different parts of your business — MobiusOS, MobiusX, and Mobius Apps.


tinuiti mobius suite marketing analytics technology





“As the complex world of digital marketing becomes increasingly data-centric, we will continue with the mentality of investing in innovation that enables our people and clients to unearth new opportunities through actionable insights.”

— Zach Morrison, Chief Executive Officer at Tinuiti.


“We want our strategists to use their minds more than their hands and evolving innovations and technologies like Mobius facilitate the extraction of value for our team and our clients.”

Many businesses are already seeing how Mobius has positioned them to be faster to market, optimize trends, and proactively adjust ad spend when necessary.

No matter the size of your company, the industry you’re in, or the products you sell, the Mobius Suite provides exactly what you need to understand and act on your brand’s data so you’ll always know your next best move.


2. MobiusOS: Collect, Unify, and Uncover New Data Insights


Do you trust your data enough to drive your whole marketing strategy?

Today’s most successful ecommerce and digital marketers thrive because of their ability to gather, analyze, and act on their data. Too many marketers struggle with incomplete, dirty, or poorly organized analytics, hindering their ability to build an accurate and effective growth plan.

MobiusOS is our cloud-based data platform that ingests and synthesizes all of your channel data at scale to power unified, always-on marketing insights with reporting that comes standard. You can think of MobiusOS as the operating system where all of your data lives.


Over 500+ Integrations That Can Seamlessly Pull Data From Anywhere


Our team has worked hard to make sure that we can unify all of your data from anywhere.

That’s why we’ve built over 500+ integrations that make allow us to connect and synthesize your data wherever it lives into a single dashboard, helping you to consolidate your data no matter the number of marketing platforms you use.

mobius os core integrations

Once in place, this framework allows us to provide comprehensive visualization dashboards and insights tailored to your business needs and specifications.

What’s more, MobiusOS can even work with platforms that aren’t on our native list of integration. For example, our team can help connect MobiusOS with Braze or your internal data, no matter where it’s housed.

mobius integrations 2


3. MobiusX: Activate Your Data to Drive Ecommerce Performance


Did you know that two-thirds of Amazon advertisers already use or plan to use advertising automation tools within the next 12 months?

That’s because today’s most successful ecommerce brands understand the power of media activation technology to scale marketing campaigns across Amazon, Google, Facebook, and now, Walmart.

mobiusx media activation tech

Originally built in 2014, our MobiusX technology is designed to drive ecommerce sales across the Triopoly, and is one of the longest-standing and most sophisticated Amazon platforms on the market today.

“We’ve invested in building and iterating on MobiusX over the last six years

“Whereas MobiusOS is the data infrastructure, MobiusX is our AI-powered AdTech that drives results through smarter campaign management and optimization capabilities. When integrated with MobiusOS, you can act on data trends and insights across marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart and even feed-based channels like Google, Facebook, display networks and more.”

— David Weichel, VP of Product Development at Tinuiti


Best-in-Class AdTech Designed For Marketplaces, Feeds, and Display Networks


MobiusX represents best-in-class programmatic ad management technology that, combined with our process and expertise, allows you to grow your catalog revenue across the largest ad networks.


Amazon Paid Search Features

mobiusx amazon media tech


Amazon DSP Featuresamazon dsp mobiusx


Amazon Operations Features

amazon operations features

Features for Walmart Advertising, Google Shopping, and More

MobiusX also brings many of the same powerful media capabilities to your Walmart, Shopping, and Display campaigns.

This includes holistic reporting, bulk campaign management, bid multipliers, automation, feed health monitoring, and more. We’d love to list them all here, but we encourage you to reach out to our Analytics team for more info.

mobiusx shopping


Scale and Adjust Product-level Campaigns With AI-enabled Tech

MobiusX uses AI-enabled technology to identify incremental budget expansion opportunities across marketplaces, by analyzing historical bids, budget and keyword trends and make recommendations around areas for growth at the product line level.

mobiusx aiThese features include:



150 Million Products Across Google, Facebook, and Feed Channels Processed — Daily

MobiusX also processes 150 million products daily across Google, Facebook and other feed driven channels, allowing us to optimize your product feeds strategically at scale by maximizing relevance through performance-based search term bidding, merchandising, and targeting.

This technology allows our team to drive ad performance and effectively manage ad campaigns at scale across Amazon Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Search, and DSP Advertising products. This includes everything from AI-driven keyword discovery and harvesting to algorithmic bid automation, to ASIN-level insights and segmentation capabilities for even the most complex catalogs. 

Mobius Apps: Accelerate Insights and Solutions

Do you know how valuable your customers are? Is your media mix delivering you the best ROI? Do you spend more time analyzing data than acting on it?

These are just some of the questions brand marketers face every day — and the right solutions are difficult to come by for every business.

That’s why we built Mobius Apps — targeted analytics solutions that allow us to enhance and customize the way your data is analyzed to uncover growth opportunities with cutting-edge insights.

mobius apps


Mobius Apps are a suite of robust analytics products designed to solve pain points unique to clients across verticals: eComm, B2C, Lead Gen, B2B, CPG, seasonal or weather-impacted businesses, and omnichannel.

Our expert team can customize an app to your specifications or even build new, bespoke solutions. And because each app functions within the MobiusOS ecosystem, we can set up your solutions quickly to uncover your insights and unlock your path to profit faster than anyone else.

How Do Mobius Apps Work?

It starts with Tinuiti’s team of integrated strategists, who work with our analytics experts to determine which of the Mobius Apps will bring to light the insights needed to solve your business challenges and achieve your goals, be it media mix modeling, cross-channel attribution, predictive forecasting, or anything else on your list.

Wherever your data is, whatever the format, we can take it and make it work for you — yes, that includes offline sales, TV data, and more, too.

The magic lies within our DISO framework, which houses a robust assortment of app solutions for data, insights, science, and optimization.

tinuiti mobius apps diso framework

These allow us to lay the foundation on which we analyze, model, and forecast your data through the science of acceleration to optimize your performance in the most effective way, including:


mobius apps solutions
Mobius Apps are targeted, customizable analytics solutions built to solve your business challenges.

Examples of How Mobius Apps Can Solve Your Biggest Marketing Challenges

Inaccurate and Unactionable Data

mobius app analytics audit

Too many marketers struggle with incomplete, dirty, or poorly organized analytics, hindering their ability to build an accurate and effective growth plan.

Common Challenges:

Mobius App Solution: Analytics Platform Audit

We help by auditing your analytics platform to ensure you’re pulling in the right data for your business.

We deliver a thorough audit (deliverable of a prioritized list of action items) of a brand’s Google or Adobe Analytics platform to inform where improvements can and should be made. 

Incorporating Customer Lifetime Value in Marketing Strategy

Knowing your average customer lifetime value and the inputs that impact it is officially table stakes in today’s digital marketing landscape. Customer acquisition costs (CAC) and lifetime values (CLTV/CLV) informs all media and growth investments so your marketing dollars go farthest.mobius app clv

Common Challenges:

Mobius App Solution: Customer Lifetime Value

An analysis (deliverable of a research deck) of a brand’s CLTV and how it can impact marketing efforts.

Budget Allocation Strategy

media mix model app

Few marketers have the right data sources and framework to analyze their Marketing spend across all channels and determine the right budget allocation strategy. Even fewer have the ability to factor in economic conditions, competitors, the weather, etc. to ensure the highest level of modeling accuracy.

Common Challenges:

Mobius App Solution: Media Mix Model

A precise media mix model will use your past data to inform future ROI and investment strategy. We deliver a research project and analysis that breaks down which percentage of your marketing budget should be going to which channels, using historical data to predict future ROI.

5. Close the Loop on Your Marketing Performance For Good

No matter the size of your company, the industry you’re in, or the products you sell, the Mobius Suite provides exactly what you need to understand and act on your brand’s data so you’ll always know your next best move—and the one after that, too.

By pairing these customizable products with our experienced Analytics team, Mobius offers a way for companies to transform challenges into solutions.

Whether you’re interested in MobiusOS, MobiusX, Mobius Apps, or the entire Mobius suite, we can work with you to make sure you get the perfect analytics solution that your business deserves.

“To bring everything full-circle, between MobiusOS, MobiusX, and Mobius Apps, we can completely unify, optimize, and activate all of your business data to make a smarter, truly unified marketing strategy,” says Richardson.

If you want to learn more about Mobius or schedule an analytics consultation today, drop our Analytics team a line today.

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