Why Culture Should be a Business's Top Priority

By Tinuiti Team

How do you keep employee retention and culture strong in the fast paced digital industry known for high turnover? This is one of the most common questions asked when speaking to possible vendors, clients or candidates. Elite SEM has built an admirable company culture throughout the years but more recently has been in the limelight with countless awards from Mashable, Ad Age, Crain’s, etc. as the best place to work culturally. You’re probably thinking, okay what’s so great about Elite SEM? Elite SEM offers unlimited vacation, flexible schedules, work from home capabilities, free lunch, strong health benefits, equity coupled with a driven, passionate, fun team, with no red tape or micromanaging, you think this all sounds too good to be true.

So, What’s the Catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. The main reason Elite SEM differentiates from all other agencies and companies is their people. Elite SEM is dedicated to creating great lives for great people. A simple vision Ben Kirshner (CEO) developed at the founding of Elite SEM. He wanted to offer an environment where you can be successful in your career but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice passions outside of work.

It sounds straightforward but it’s a vital piece of why Elite SEM has an award-winning culture and it’s where a lot of companies miss the mark. When you create a positive work environment where every employee that enters the door innately embraces your core values, it keeps your culture strong and alive. Your employees are happier, more productive and willing to go above and beyond because they feel valued. At Elite SEM, we generate a work environment where every person, no matter what level or tenure, knows and feels appreciated. They are challenged to grow and always know their team has their back. We encourage daily teamwork, humility, thankfulness and positivity as we’re all in this together. However, keeping the culture strong isn’t an easy endeavor.

Preserving Core Values and Culture

To preserve our core values and culture, we have a thorough interview process when it comes to culture fit. However, a lot goes back to our people, leadership and HR team who are committed to upholding a strong company culture especially during rapid growth. Every decision made is assessed thoughtfully on how this will affect our people, clients and business and if it’s in line with our mission and values. Spending time creating an interview process that can funnel out candidates that don’t match your company’s core values can save you a lot of headache in the future. So take the time, and think about what you’re looking for in a candidate.

When a company invests time and resources into their people, it creates a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. At Elite SEM, we have activities such as our Company Retreat, Culture Committee, bi-weekly interactive company meetings, an open door policy, advocating continuous feedback, core value awards, community service projects, wellness initiatives, clubs, and the list goes on.

Many times companies forget that people are what make or break the success of their business. When a leadership team puts their people as their #1 priority, it’s bound to cultivate a positive environment with happy, productive and dedicated employees. Have your leadership and HR team continuously devote time and energy into listening to your employees and develop new ideas, initiatives and activities to make your company the best place to work. This is what we do at Elite SEM. We empower our employees and want them to make positive changes at Elite. If you have a great idea or better way to do something, tell us, show us, teach us. We take pride in offering a vast amount of autonomy at Elite SEM as our people are the ones growing and preserving our culture. So listen to your employees. They may have an idea that could change your company.

So How Does Elite SEM Keep Employee Retention and Culture Strong?

We make our employee’s happiness top priority because that’s what creates great lives for great people. And when you have great people, everything else follows. You can do this in your company as well. After all, it’s the people that make the company.

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