Elite SEM Google Client Summit

By Tinuiti Team

The first ever EliteSEM Google Summit was held on June 8th2012 at Google Chicago.  The event was an undeniable success with 27 Elite Clients, eight  Elite SEM employees, and five  “Googlers” from various areas in the country in attendance.  All attendees were treated to an early morning Google breakfast and the following speakers and presentations.

Winning the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

Speaker – Jordan Rost, Google Agency Lead for Elite SEM, started off the conference with a PowerPoint presentation explaining how marketers must focus their efforts on winning the “Zero Moment of truth” versus the traditional “First Moment of Truth” defined by Procter and Gamble in 2005.

Synopsis – The use of mobile devices and the internet in general has vastly changed how consumers research and interact with brands and products before making purchases.

Takeaway – Jordan says marketers and brands need to do to follow 5 things to stay current in today’s digital world.

  1. Find your Zero Moment of Truth “ZMOT”
  2. Answer the questions that people are asking
  3. Optimize for ZMOT
  4. Be fast
  5. Jump in

Next Steps – You can find out more about the Zero Moment of Truth and download Google’s free ebook PDF “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth at by clicking the following URL

The Mobile Playbook

Speaker – Matt Dorfman, from Google Media Solutions, was the next speaker and spoke about the “Mobile Playbook: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile”.

Synopsis – With Mobile search volume continuing to grow and consumers spending so much time using mobile devices, what must brands do to drive positive mobile experience?

Takeaway Matt gave everyone the following key takeaways

Next Steps – You can find out how ready your brand is for Mobile by clicking on the following URL and getting a custom report for your site: .

Attribution and the Age of Big Data

Speaker – Sonia Chung was the final “Googler” who gave a presentation entitled “Attribution and the age of big data”.

Synopsis – Attribution is regarded as the most difficult problem in marketing potential.  While it holds incredible potential, what are the potential challenges to creating a model around it and what solutions are out there for my brand?

Takeaway –Sonia informed the group that Google itself is still 1-2 years out from a full product suite revolving around attribution; she gave us the following takeaways

Post Speaker “Firing Squad” QA Discussion with Jordan Rost

After all three Google speakers completed their presentations and QA the final event on the schedule was an open forum “firing squad” session where Jordan Rost (Elite SEM Google Agency Lead) answered specific questions the audience raised.

Most of the conversation revolved around the recent changes made to Google Shopping and the future of Google Product Listing Ads.  Additionally there were questions that revolved around Google’s new Trusted Store program that helps shoppers identify online stores that deliver great experiences for their customers.

The Elite SEM blog will be to publishing specific articles around the topics discussed to further provide feedback and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been seeing around those products.

Feedback and Future Events

The feedback we have received so far from clients who attended has been overwhelmingly positive!  A lot of effort was put in from both Google and Elite SEM to ensure that the discussion topics and presentations were relevant to the brands and clients who would be attending.

A special thanks to all of the speakers and members of Google who helped out team put this event together.

There is no question we will be holding future Elite SEM Google Summits.  Please email [email protected] for any additional information or for copies of any of the PowerPoint decks referenced above.

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