Elite SEM has an unparalleled company culture, the most talented employees in the industry, and has been recognized as Best US Search Agency.  So how does Elite SEM do it?  Elite SEM’s CEO Ben Kirshner shares his Four Ingredients For A Winning Company Culture in Forbes.

Ben Kirshner’s Secrets to An Award Winning Culture

At Elite SEM employees are proud to be part of the Elite team, and enjoy coming to work every day.  Elite SEM’s CEO Ben Kirshner reveals his secrets on how to have successful results while creating an environment that people love to work in:

  • Elite SEM’s core company purpose is to create great lives for great people. Now that is an inspiring and motivational core purpose! Elite SEM puts core values first in order to retain the top talent.
  • Elite SEM employees make their own schedules, and have unlimited vacation days from the first day they begin working.
  • Elite SEM offers free lunch to employees every day, as well as healthy snacks.
  • Elite SEM employees hold equity in the company, and account managers are compensated with a percentage of profit they help generate for the company.  Thus, Elite SEM employees are not just employees- they are owners!

Check out the Forbes article to learn more about creating a winning company culture: http://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2013/11/14/four-ingredients-for-a-winning-company-culture/

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