Elite SEM's Dog Lovers Celebrate National Puppy Day

By Tinuiti Team

Elite SEM believes in “Great Lives for Great People.” This mantra is the philosophy on which we build our “people-focused” agency and has allowed us to attract and retain top talent in the industry. Having top talent in turn also provides our clients with high quality service, which has allowed us to grow rapidly as a company. However, Elite SEM’s mantra doesn’t just apply to our employees. It benefits their dogs too! Some of our offices are dog friendly, allowing our employees to bring their furry pals to work to help them, alleviating stress and also brightening up the office space. Elite SEM also allows our employees to work from home, so they are never far from their four-legged companions.

In honor of National Puppy Day some of our talented Elite SEM employees wanted to share a bit about themselves and their canine companions. We proudly introduce Elite SEM’s dog lovers and their canine companions!

Jaime Rosborough and Her Puppy Sukhi

Sukhi enjoying a nap in Philadelphia’s office

I’m an Account Manager in the Paid Search division. I am based out of the Philadelphia office, but often work remotely from my home in Delaware. I pride myself in helping my clients grow their business year over year and providing them with creative solutions that deliver results. I love when my clients get excited about a new/out of the box idea that will drive their business forward, and even more so when that idea delivers.

Sukhi is a sweet and sensitive German Shepherd mix who loves keeping up with my active lifestyle. From hiking to running to playing at the dog park, she does it all. She makes appearances at the Philly office every now and then and loves to play with everyone there. She is always supportive when I work from home, often curling up in my chair with me.

Katie Carlson and Her Puppy Arnold

I’m a Senior Account Executive in the Paid Search division.  I work remotely in Baltimore, but I am part of the Philadelphia SEM team. Last year I won the Circle of Education core values award. It meant a lot to me because it represents not only my drive to continuously improve myself but my love of helping my teammates and clients become savvier in the search space. I especially love helping people learn how to take their strategies to the next level!

Arnold is a 90-pound yellow labradoodle and I guess you could say he is the mascot of the Baltimore office (aka my house).  He loves to show off on video chats with teammates and even has a puppy girlfriend at Google (we used to do video meetings with a Google rep in the Google NYC office who brought her dog Annie to work).  When he is not at the office he loves to go to daycare because his absolute favorite thing is to play with other dogs.

Baber Ghaznavi and His Puppy Toby

I’m a Paid Social Account Analyst, so I specialize in Facebook advertising and creating and implementing Facebook ad strategy. I’ve been at Elite for a little over a month, so currently what I’m most proud of is getting the chance to work on client pitches and helping them get the most out of their paid social budget.

My pup’s name is Toby and he’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He’s 8 and his favorite toy is his bone, which he’s incredibly protective of. He will go and hide it around the house when company is over so no one can take it, then go back and get it when the coast is clear. He also just loves to ride in the car with me as long as I hold his paw while driving. He will stick out his paw and whine until I hold it. He hasn’t come to the office with me yet, but hopefully one day I can bring him around!

Bianca Beckbissinger and Her Puppy Domino

I’m the Marketing Coordinator at Elite SEM, and I proudly work on the marketing team for this agency. I live in Miami and am a South Florida gal who has lived in the Sunshine State most of my life. I’ve been at Elite for over a year and truly believe this agency is unique and amazing at what they do, making my job to market them easy! I focus on email marketing, social media, blog posts, case studies, event planning, amongst other tasks. I’m proud of this company and all the great work they’ve done with clients, as well as the great work they’ve done with Fabretto and the Zach Ciperski Library in Nicaragua.

My pup’s name is Domino, and he’s a rescue Chihuahua. At 4 and a half pounds he’s an interesting mix of cuteness and attitude. Despite his small size, he is always the boss, even around really big dogs. His favorite thing in the world is to snuggle next to me or burrow under the blankets of my bed so he gets nice and warm. He’s spoiled rotten, as he should be. He may have had a rough life on the streets, but now he lives the good life with a mom who gets to work from home, so I get to hang out with him all day!

Nate Sheusi and His Puppy Nero

Nero gazing out of Elite’s office window in Philly

I’m a Senior Account Manager representing the Shopping & Feed Division here at Elite SEM. You ever see those product pictures when you search for something on the web? You could be looking at one of my ads! Essentially, I take product catalogs from eCommerce sites and mold them to the specifications set by Google for shopping campaigns. I love solving puzzles and there are some interesting challenges that arise when working with these types of ads.

My puppy’s name is Nero, he’s 8 months old as of March and he’s nearly 60lbs. He’s a Pit-Weimaraner mix, and has two modes: Lazy and Fierce. When he’s not laying around the office, catching some rays and waiting for his next meal time, he’s roughhousing with dogs at the dog park. You’ll never catch him panting, or being goofy. He’s always stoic and looking his best, even when he’s wrestling in the mud with other dogs. He’s incredibly smart and always has his nose to the ground. 

There you go folks! Those are some of Elite’s finest, and their owners! Working from home and having dog-friendly offices are just a few of the perks Elite SEM offers to employees.

If you’re interested in working at Elite SEM please check out our Careers page to see what job openings are available!

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