Clients Applaud Tinuiti’s Growth From Channel-specific Executor to Cross-channel Partner in Forrester Wave

By Tinuiti Team

Today, we are excited to announce that we have earned recognition by one of the most influential marketing research and advisory firms in the world, Forrester, in The Forrester Wave™: Performance Marketing Agencies, Q3 2019.

Since the day we were invited to participate in this report, we’ve recognized that being in the Wave is an achievement in and of itself, and we’ve learned a lot from this process — not only about the work that goes into developing a Wave, but about our business and the way we present ourselves  in the industry. 

From day one, we set out to build a company unlike any other: an agency that pushes the boundaries of cross-channel marketing innovation powered by exceptional people with a commitment to building enduring relationships that grow the happiness of our clients, partners, and employees.

Tinuiti believes that the following three areas represent highlights of our performance:




Tying Ecommerce to Traditional Performance Marketing Channels


From both pure-play D2C brands to omnichannel enterprise brands, our agency thrives on connecting shoppers with retail businesses.

The Forrester Report recognizes that “Tinuiti offers some of the strongest ecommerce ad strategy in the field.” In our view, this statement highlights our innovative advertising strategy in channels like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, and for ecommerce services outside of advertising. 

tinuiti ecommerce perfromance

We received the highest ranking possible (5 out of 5) for the eCommerce Advertising Strategy criterion. According to the criterion description, this score indicates that our “capabilities are above par compared with others in this evaluation, with support for eCommerce merchandising, fulfillment, and pricing.” 

The report also noted that “marketers who want to tie their Amazon presences to traditional performance marketing channels should consider Tinuiti.”

We offer a truly holistic integrated media strategy for all of our ecommerce clients, which includes content and creative including product imagery and pages as well.

For example, we’ve been one of the first agencies to market a robust Amazon program that offers creative support, leading technology solutions, and channel expertise to ensure long-term success with over $1.2 billion in managed revenue across fast-growth and global enterprise clients.


From Channel-Specific Executor to Cross-Channel Partner


We’ve always believed that success requires specialization across all digital channels: Search Social, Marketplaces, Mobile Apps, CRM & Email Marketing. 

With that said, what has brought the best performance for our clients is bringing ingenious subject-matter experts together to create an integrated media strategy that’s powered by people and driven by data and insights.

tinuiti omnichannel ims strategy


Our rebrand to Tinuiti was a milestone that brought the best-in-class channel solutions of four different agencies under a single roof — enabling us to strengthen our experts’ only approach.

The continual testing and optimizing of innovative integrated media strategies deliver big wins for our clients, who according to the report, “applaud [our] growth over the last two years, from channel-specific executor to a more cross-channel partner.”


Deep Creative & Content Offerings That Exceed Market Peers


As we continue to move toward a more visual and media-rich world, creative performance continues to become more important as a strategic differentiator for brands. 

We understand that sophisticated creative capabilities aren’t just nice to have — they’re an absolute necessity for brands looking to grow their marketing strategy across all of today’s interconnected channels.

This is why we are very proud that Tinuiti earned the highest score (5 out of 5) in the Creative & Content criterion in the report.  According to the criterion description, this score indicates that we have “above-par capabilities compared to others in this evaluation, including advanced content development capabilities and 5% or more of global staff is dedicated to creative and content.”

tinuiti creative examples

Much more than simply supporting ad copy or creative variations, our top-talent designers work closely with our marketing scientists to regularly craft data-driven concepts, personalizations, and optimizations to build out rich user experiences and colorful interactivity to the entire customer journey.

We’ve credited tools like dynamic creative optimization engines to activate performance testing within the creative process that allows for creative to be repurposed rapidly and at scale for our clients.


What Does It All Mean?


At the end of the day, we are ultimately here for our clients, not corporate accolades. We believe that our position in The Forrester Wave™ report is a reflection of our growing capabilities as one of the world’s leading marketing solutions providers and our deepening relationships with the world’s leading brands.

“After several acquisitions, expanding our offerings, hiring new talent, rebranding to Tinuiti and the incredible growth we’ve experienced, we’re proud that the Forrester report recognizes us for offering some of the strongest eCommerce ad strategies in the field. What I’m most proud of is hearing that our clients — our most important judges — applaud us for being a more cross-channel partner.” 

zach morrison tinuiti ceoZach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti


“We’ve made significant investments in building out our integrated media strategy, analytics and creative teams, and it’s gratifying to hear that our clients recognize the value it brings to their businesses.”



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