What is Bing Ads Intelligence? It’s a keyword planner, auction insights, query and data reports, and more, all built into one convenient Excel add-on. Because it is built into Excel directly, everything it generates is already built into spreadsheet format for easy pivoting, bulksheet generation, etc. Download it from the Bing Ads Intelligence page then install (requires Microsoft Visual Studio Tools and Microsoft Office in the 2007, 2010, or 2013 variety). Once installed, the next time you open Excel there should be a new ribbon:

How To Use Bing Ads Intelligence


From here, select “Sign In”, input your usual BingAds login credentials, select the appropriate account, and you’re ready to go!

A rundown of every tool available is available below, but here is a quick look at the three most useful tools:

1. Webpage Keywords


  • Utilize similarly to Dynamic Search ads to generate keywords from specific pages on site
  • Provides approximiate relevancy scores so you can add only the most highly relevant keywords
2. Age Group & Gender


  • Generates percent breakdowns of each demographic type (gender, age) of users who searched the selected keywords over the last 30 days
  • Combine with BingAd’s ability to natively layer bid percentages for demographic groups in search
3. Auction Insights


  • Functions exactly like Google Auction Insights
  • View competitor statistics (impression share, overlap/position above/top of page rate, average position)
  • Already exported into spreadsheet format
Campaign Research & Account
  1. Select Campaign: Download specific campaign/ad group performance metrics.
  2. Keyword Suggestions: Create suggested keyword lists with estimated performance stats using seed lists. Ability to exclude brand names and keywords that would be duplicates.
  3. Create Bulksheet: Export any list of keywords into a preformatted BingAds CSV bulksheet.
More Research Options
  1. Traffic: View Bing search volume for selected keyword lists, broken out by keyword and device.
  2. Keyword Performance: Generated keyword performance metrics, broken out by keyword, device, and match type.
  3. Webpage Keywords: Generate a list of keywords using webpages as a source.
  4. Keyword Expansions: Generate variations off of base keyword lists.
  5. Searches With Your Keyword: Generate a list of actual queries that use your keyword(s).
  6. Associated Keywords: Generate a list of similar keywords that your competitors are specifically bidding on.
  7. Related Searches: Generate a list of similar keywords using actual Bing queries.
  8. Keyword Category: Generate a list of business categories your keyword falls under (with approximate relevancy score).
  9. Search-User Location: Generate a list of the top geo locations of users searching the specified keywords.
  10. Age Group & Gender: Generate percent breakdown of users who searched your keywords in the last 30 days for each demographic category (age, gender).
  11. Bid Estimator for New Keywords: Estimated bid plus relevant performance metrics (approximate position, min/max impression/click/spend).
  12. Keyword Research Templates: Pre-built template spreadsheets with a huge variety of keyword research tools (holiday, search query, geo, Twitter, etc).
Auction Insights
  1. Generate Auction Insight data for the specific campaign(s) over a given date range. Includes: Impression Share, Average Position, Overlap Rate, Position Above Rate, and Top of Page Rate for all competitors.
  1. Broad Match Opportunities: Generates a list of existing Exact-match keywords and the volume lost to not showing on broad match.
  2. Broad Match Search Query: Shows specific queries that the previous report’s keywords would have triggered for, if the keywords were broad match instead of exact match.
  3. Apply Keyword: Uploads the selected keywords in the “Broad Match Opportunities” report into your account (in the Campaign + Ad group specified in the report).

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