The 3 New Social Advertising Ad Units in April That Need To Be On Your Radar

By Tinuiti Team

The social media advertising space, similar to outer space itself, is ever-growing and evolving. One minute you will have a understanding of the landscape, and then the next minute, there will be something that makes you change the way you look at everything. It’s this ever-expanding social media universe that allows advertisers to find new and more efficient ways to obtain their goals. The below advertising can help with efficiencies and grow your paid social bottom-line. Some you may have already used, while others you may not have. It’s always in an advertisers best interest to be aware of what is available to them, so here’s a useful list.

Facebook Collection Ads

You’ve probably seen these ad units before, but they are finally rolling these out world-wide and we predict that the ROI for these units are going to be just about as great as Dynamic Ads.

Here is how they work: These “TV-style” ads will let marketers attach multiple product images to a video ad or static image in New Feed. Clicking on an image will bring users to a product catalog that is inside of Facebook (no extra load times), although clicking on a specific product will take you to their website. Video is still being used a lot within Facebook, so this new ad unit will allow those people who viewed a video to take immediate action on something they like seeing.

This unit is not only a beautiful one, it provides people with immediate gratification, and that’s what the world is these days. Facebook definitely won with this one.

Instagram Lead Ads

We all know what Lead Ads are because they have been on Facebook for a while now, but now they are on Instagram! In March, they released this ad unit to all ad accounts, and while the verdict is still out on the numbers with these, we see these as a solid test to throw some budget at. These Instagram Lead Ads don’t have as much flexibility as the Facebook ones, but they still auto-fill information in and allow you to gather email lists, which is the ultimate goal right?

This unit will allow advertisers to acquire those beautiful email addresses of potential customers, just like Facebook has been doing for a while now.

Pinterest Ad Groups

While this is not necessarily a new ad unit, it adds much needed functionality to Pinterest advertising. Previously, Pinterest only had a campaign level and ad level. This was an inefficient way to A/B test or even take a high-level look at which ads are doing the best in each campaign. With the new “Ad Groups”, you have a container to throw those ads into without having to go through and create new campaign with a new budget. It was just tiresome the old way. Now, they have taken a page from the FB playbook and we are loving it! This is such a time-saver, and we all know how much time is worth in the advertising world.

Keeping up with new ad units in an ever-changing advertising world is important. These ad units are some of the best to stay on top of your campaigns and help your paid social bottom-line. I am just trying to make it easier for you to digest!

For more information on how Paid Social can help your business, read our Generating Leads with Facebook Lead Ads case study and how Revel Systems saw 619x more leads once implementing Lead Ads.

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