IRCE 2012 Vendor Scouting Report: Top 10 Social Commerce Exhibitors

By Tinuiti Team

Social Commerce is the one of the newer concepts when it comes to ecommerce, but most people have no idea just what is social commerce.

In our original blog post we defined it as:

1)  Social Commerce Definition #1 (common sense) – The combination of eCommerce and social media.

2)  Social Commerce Definition #2 (my business jargon definition) – Giving your customers a platform to discuss, criticize, & promote your products online.

It was one of the hottest buzzwords last year and it remained hot at IRCE 2012 as well.

So whether or not you attended IRCE or not, check out the top 10 exhibitors we met at IRCE who can help push your social commerce campaigns to the next level:


8thBridge makes it possible for customers to shop where they socialize and socialize where they shop. We’re on a mission to reshape ecommerce around people.

Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to discover and promote the things they care about. Increasingly, customers are learning about new products from friends more frequently than from brands.

Merchants use 8thBridge to amplify this trend and empower their advocates to share their products and offers with friends. Our technology also closes the loop by bringing back the rich social graph data generated in order to personalize the shopping experience.


Bazaarvoice, translated literally, is the “voice” of the “marketplace.” We believe customers still want to share experiences and opinions, and learn from people like them when they make buying decisions. If companies listen carefully, they’ll change the way they do business – focusing on what’s most important to their customers.

It’s ironic that, while word of mouth drives the offline shopping experience, it’s hasn’t been present on branded websites. Today, advertising and marketing is so ubiquitous that it’s become invisible – consumers look right past it. In the end, customers want to have conversations, and hear about what people like them have experienced.

Demand Media

Demand Media is a leading online media company that informs, entertains and connects millions of people every day. Through a portfolio of vertical web properties, a global network of digital partners, and a breakthrough content studio, Demand Media publishes what the world wants to know and share.


EPiServer is the world’s fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM), online social community and e-commerce platforms. EPiServer AB is the leading supplier of solutions that enable true Web engagement and drive business results for end customers. The EPiServer platform is delivered through an extensive network of over 590 partner companies in 30 countries. EPiServer combines the stability and support of a commercial product with EPiServer World, a thriving developer community of more than 15,000 developers.


As marketers we are all trying to reach, influence and monetize the new social consumer. Why is it so hard to reach and convert the social consumer to sales? Well, its because they are having fun building cities, managing farms, playing with angry animals and reading what their friends are doing and recommending on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram. Enter Fanplayr a new social consumer marketing platform that is built to tackle all of these challenges by adding social game mechanics to your marketing and advertising. With Fanplayr you and your social consumer win every time.

McFadyen Solutions

McFadyen Solutions has completed more than 100 large-scale IT implementations over the last 16 years for a prestigious client list, including dozens of the Fortune 500. Our proficiencies include eCommerce, portals, web content management, eLearning, online relationship management (B2C, B2B, B2E), and ERP integration. Our unique approach of focusing on select software partnerships allows McFadyen’s consultants to immerse themselves in specific technologies, thus providing you the deep expertise that can propel your business forward.


Our mission is to create the best technology in the world for brands to leverage the social revolution by creating and growing valuable relationships with their fans.

Moontoast is a social apps & analytics technology company based in Boston & Nashville. Our Social Activation Engine is a simple way for brands to distribute social offers (either engagement or commerce) to their fans at the right place and time. Our Social Analytics Suite is a powerful way to measure the health of relationships, the relevancy of content, and both interactive and monetary results. We call this measurement Return on Fan.

Presentip Ltd.

Presentip is a unique social gifting recommendation platform based on the users’ Social profile, enhanced by tips from the users’ social network.

Our unique algorithm analyzes the user’s friends’ “likes”, interests, posts, age, gender, check-ins as well as other social data and recommends potential presents for them, based on that.

In order to make our recommendations even better, we suggest our users to consult with the gift-eceiver’s mutual friends and get helpful tips from them. Want to be 100% sure? Our users can ask directly the gift-receiver about the preferred present, anonymously of course.

We believe that combining a smart algorithm with social human recommendations provides the most accurate answer to what is the perfect present!


ShopIgniter is the leading provider of enterprise social commerce solutions. We help leading brands and retailers activate their social network to extend their reach and generate revenue through social commerce experiences and programs.

Founded in 2009 and funded by Madrona Venture Group and Trinity Partners, ShopIgniter is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.


The Usablenet platform distinguishes itself in three key areas: Scale, Strength, and Innovation. These qualities provide advantages that help our clients successfully connect with their customers through their customers’ preferred channels.

The Usablenet platform supports the largest, most intricate multi-channel sites in the world. FedEx Mobile. American Airlines Mobile. Expedia Mobile. Hilton Mobile and Assistive; Macy’s Mobile; Marks & Spencer Mobile. The platform is crafted to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security for our clients for whom supporting customers across all mobile phones & multi-channels is mission critical.

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