The Best Facebook Call to Actions for Your Brand

By Tinuiti Team

Just a few years ago, Facebook was more of a passive marketing tool.

You could use it to promote your brand and connect with potential customers, and cross your fingers that those people would make their way to your website or into a brick-and-mortar store.

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But Facebook has come a long way in a short amount of time—particularly for businesses, and with its Call to Action buttons, the platform now offers companies a legitimate way to monetize their social efforts right on the spot.

But what Facebook Call to Actions are there? And which ones are best for your brand?

Let’s dive in and take a look.

Facebook Call to Action Options

Call to Action buttons are located at the very top of a Facebook business page, just to the left of the “Like” and “Message” buttons.

They offer users a simple, fast, one-click way to interact with brands—to contact them, subscribe to their newsletter or take some other action with the company.

There are several Call to Action buttons available:

You should also be sure to add calls to action on your Facebook ads as well, though these don’t come in pre-set options, as page CTAs do. We’ll go into this a bit more later on.

Choosing the Best Facebook CTAs

The best Facebook CTAs are ones that align closely with your brand’s marketing goals.

Lead Generation:

If your overall goal is to use Facebook as a lead generating tool, then maybe “Sign Up” , “Contact Us” or “Learn More” is your best bet for a CTA. This would allow you to cultivate an email list of potential customers that you can later reach out to, qualify and convince to try out your products and services.

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facebook call to actions

Take Action:

If you’re looking to make your Facebook fans take action, “Use App,” “Play Game”, “Watch Video”, and “Download” are better options, while “Shop Now” is best if you’ve got an ecommerce store or downloadable product.

facebook call to actions

According to Sarah Rogers, Senior Social Strategist at CPC Strategy should test various CTAs with their target audience (starting now and leading up to October, just before the Q4 push).

facebook audience network
Sarah Rogers, Manager, Performance Social at CPC Strategy

Her suggestion is to identify 2 to 5 successful CTAs that you can rotate throughout your Dynamic Ad campaigns during your busiest time of the year (which is likely to be during the holiday shopping period).

By testing your themes & CTAs in advance, you can be somewhat assured that the ads you put in front of your segments are going to perform well during the busier shopping season.

How to Add Facebook Calls to Action to Your Page

Adding a call to action is pretty easy, as long as you’re an admin or editor of the page. You’ll just go to the main page of your profile, click “Add a Button” on your cover photo, choose your preferred CTA from the drop-down menu, and hit “Add Button.”

Once it’s set up, you can then hover over it and select “Test Button” to make sure it’s working properly.


CTAs on Facebook Ads

Though you only have a few CTAs to choose from on your Facebook page, the same can’t be said for Facebook ads, which offer you endless possibilities in how to reach and convert your viewers.

That’s both good and bad—good, because it gives you creative flexibility but bad because it leaves a lot of room for error.

facebook call to actions

Fortunately, a lot of research has been done on Facebook ad CTAs, and there are 6 things you can do to ensure you’re choosing the right calls to action for your campaigns.

1. Use an active verb – Tell people the exact action you want them to take with active verbs like “shop,” “browse,” “call” or “email.” You can even speak to their individual goals with active verbs like “lose weight,” “rank higher” or “win customers.”

2. Ask nicely – Data shows that using the word “please” can actually improve your conversions—by almost double, in fact. As the old saying goes, “kill them with kindness!”

3. Focus on buyer benefit – You might be promoting a product, but what does that product actually deliver for a customer? A more stylish wardrobe? Easier, healthier home-cooked meals? A smaller waistline? Work these benefits into your CTA whenever possible.

4. Keep it short – You don’t want to confuse people, so keep your CTAs short, sweet and to the point. Don’t overcomplicate them, and be clear and concise about the actions your ad is encouraging them to take.

5. Make it urgent – Push viewers to take action fast by making it urgent or even exclusive. Things like “Join now – only 20 seats left” or “Expiring tomorrow. Claim your offer now!” are both good examples

6. Include hashtags – Hashtags hold a lot of power and, according to stats, they can boost interaction and engagement exponentially. Try to add one or even two for extra impact.

Honing in on the best Facebook CTAs for your brand can take some time—but getting them right is well well worth the effort. Your CTAs play a significant role in the overall success of your Facebook efforts and your ad dollars on the whole.

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