Why CPC Strategy is Launching a Facebook Service Line

By Tinuiti Team

Facebook Performance Marketing Strategy

Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because it’s a channel that can address every stage of the ecommerce conversion funnel—from brand awareness to generating revenue to creating loyal customer relationships.

However, Facebook is a complex channel that has a very steep learning curve.

Although many brands are eager to leverage Facebook’s advertising capabilities—they suffer from a lack of education and guidance on how to:2

CPC Strategy’s Facebook Performance Marketing program was designed to diagnose and execute on ad strategies that align Facebook with your unique business objectives.

The best practices around organic Facebook strategy have been well publicized, but organic can’t fully address a retailer’s unique business goals.

Facebook has continuously changed the way their feed algorithm works, and as a result, brands are getting less and less reach from organic efforts.

The rapid evolution of Facebook’s many advertising products has filled this void and now demands the attention of brands looking to engage shoppers at each stage of their buying cycle.

We spoke with Sarah Rogers, Senior Social Strategist and Nii A. Ahene, Co-founder / COO to discuss CPC Strategy’s Facebook Marketing Program service offering:

Why does CPC Strategy Offer a Facebook Marketing Program?

niiNii: Over the last 3 to 4 years, Facebook has definitely embraced direct response as an area of expansion, leveraging first party data to influence targeting.

We haven’t seen a decline in the amount of users, and Facebook has doubled their efforts on mobile, where users are spending more and more time.

Facebook provides a channel for retailers to get in front of consumers in places where previously – they probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to target.

This poses a very obvious investment for us as a marketing company.

Facebook advertising is a premium offering. Because of the scale of the platform, it’s important to understand that Facebook is not something you can just test with a $1,000. One campaign can easily spend $1,000 with inconclusive results.

So, it’s important to set expectations from the start, at the right level – and more importantly it speaks to leveraging the first party data you already have.

We like to break the market opportunities with Facebook along the following high level buckets:



This is not a one size fits all strategy. Each business goal has different set of KPI’s to measure effectiveness and every business places different value on each these buckets and KPIs.

We believe it’s critical to triage your business goals to not only effectively allocate resources against each stage of the shopper funnel, but also to create a strong set of KPIs to increase the efficiency of each dollar spent on the channel.

Q. How do you set clients up for success via the Facebook Marketing Program?

facebook targeting optionsSarah: Pointing back to the funnel, it matters because it’s the only channel that reaches every single stage—from gaining new leads to driving revenue.

No other channel does that—not search, not SEO, not display, not affiliates. Social is really what you make of it and what your business is missing.

It’s not just Facebook, social in general can reach all those different points as well
—Facebook being the strongest candidate for those.

What makes Facebook advertisers successful is the timeliness of the message.

And this comes from understanding who your customers are (or people who could be your customers), and reaching them with the right message at the right time.

That’s really hard to nail down but an advertiser that is able to do that – will likely be very successful.

A customized Facebook advertising strategy includes:


Q. How does Facebook Marketing work with other channels (such as Amazon & Google Shopping)?

Nii: Facebook can create demand as well as capture lost demand. It’s important to have coordination between the campaigns (example: via email, traffic you’re capturing on search / display)  and have a coordinated marketing message that’s coherent to your audience.

Having a third party manage your Facebook campaigns doesn’t mean that you are letting go of your organic campaigns it just means that you are focusing on how to better scale. Your brand voice is yours and CPC’s Facebook program is here to help you meet a new level of success.


Sarah: We are always keeping up to date on trends and ad types, audiences – so you don’t have to and we provide testing and lot of individual background knowledge that we bring to the table.

What is important to remember is Facebook advertising is not a one size fits all. Each business goal has different set of KPI’s to measure effectiveness and every business places different value on each these buckets and KPIs.

Where many businesses struggle with their Facebook efforts is understanding how to allocate budget to create mix of strategies that take full advantage of the opportunities available with Facebook advertising.

It’s likely your competitors are already leveraging Facebook’s advertising tools to promote their products to your audience and a retail brand not currently vetting and investing in Facebook is effectively throwing away a massive opportunity to grow their audience and increase sales.

To learn more, check out our Facebook Performance Marketing service page or email [email protected]

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