How to Grow Leads with Social Media Advertising

By Tinuiti Team

Customers are at the heart of businesses. How to create interest, turn that interest into engagement, and turn that engagement into consistent profitable new revenue is a question every Demand Generation marketer faces on an ongoing day-to-day basis.

What is Demand Generation

Ultimately, demand generation encompasses the umbrella of marketing programs that get customers excited about a company’s product and/or services. Demand generation programs, for example, can help your organization reach new markets, promote new product features, build consumer buzz, generate PR, and re-engage existing customers.

However, the goal of demand generation is to tie all of these activities together, ensuring everything that you are doing is aligned from a revenue creation perspective.

Finding New Customers

Lead generation is only the beginning of the equation if you want to find these new opportunities to ultimately boost your sales figures. Lead nurturing allows you to usher consumers through the buying cycle at their individual pace. If you want a fast and largely hands-off way to find, nurture and grow your leads consider social media advertising.

Creating an Impression

When consumers first encounter your ads on social media, you’ve made an impression.

According to Epsilon, social media activity ranks higher than corporate websites and other digital tools in terms of impact on sales and influence over buying decisions. At one time, your brand’s website might have served as your most valuable marketing tool, but the tides seem to be changing in favor of social media.

However, just like with websites, how you use social media will influence your success rate. When you start a paid social campaign, you must create ads that move your audience to take action. Otherwise, you’re tossing money down the drain.

Experimenting with different ad types, targeting, creative and copy can help you fine-tune your approach. Traditionally, most marketers would drive users to a landing page, however, with today’s new ad products like Facebook Lead Ads you have the ability to increase lead volume without hindering quality with native user experiences on the platforms themselves to avoid dips in conversion rates.

Secondly, once you develop a workable strategy for lead generation, you can focus on lead nurturing.

Retarget Interested Consumers

Your paid social campaign allows you to show your ads not once, but multiple times. That way, an interested consumer won’t miss out on your message if you caught him or her at a bad time initially or if the consumer wasn’t at the right place in the buying cycle.

It’s not arbitrary, though. A retargeting campaign concentrates on users who initiate contact with your company, whether they visited your site or something else entirely. The prospect has already expressed interest in your products or services, and the subsequent ad exposure serves as a reminder, which drives them further down the funnel.

Finding New Ways to Connect

Retargeting isn’t the only tool in your arsenal. You might choose to use other methods of staying in contact with consumers and nurturing your leads. You could serve them a relevant ad leading them to download a case study or whitepaper, for instance, then assign them to an email campaign that matches their position in the buying cycle.

The important thing is maintaining accurate data. You want to know who gets exposed to your ads, how they respond, and what ultimately happens. If your current strategy results in low conversions, you can tweak it until you get the desired results.

Working with a marketing agency can help eliminate some of the guesswork. Managing such a campaign on your own can prove frustrating, but an expert can shorten the learning curve and help you achieve faster, better results.

Once you master this process, however, you’ll find it easier to grow leads organically. Learn more about our paid social advertising services if you’re interested in using social platforms to take your business to the next level.

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