This month Twitter expanded  its first party service for remarketing, removing the program from beta. Twitter’s remarketing tag allows advertisers to remarket on Twitter without Adroll.

Twitter Retargeting

In the past, to be considered for Twitter’s Remarketing beta program sellers would need to use the third party service Adroll. This month Twitter launched their first party remarketing service using their website tag– allowing merchants to Twitter’s website tag (code snippet) to retarget Twitter users.

“Starting today [06/11/2014] Advertisers who have already created a snippet of code (a tag) for conversion tracking can use it for website remarketing”- Twitter

Twitter Remarketing Tag

Twitter’s remarketing tag lowers the barrier to entry for Advertisers, expanding the Twitter Retargeting opportunities for marketers across desktop and mobile.

retailers who are already using Twitter’s conversion tracking tag can use this code for retargeting. Advertisers who don’t have conversion tracking set up can generate one in their Twitter Ads UI.

Things to know about Twitter’s Remarketing Tag

  • Twitter’s remarketing tag replaces the need to use AdRoll for retargeting
  • The Twitter conversion tracking tag works for Retargeting
  • Twitter’s remarketing  service is available directly from your Twitter Ads UI
  • Twitter remarketing ads are feature as Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to users who have visited a retailer website
  • Retailers can track remarketing similar to other Twitter performance data- analyzing ad clicks, spend, impressions, etc.


Track the Customer Journey

Should you Remarket with Twitter?

Retargeting allows advertisers to recapture website visitors- increasing the likelihood of a click through and conversion. Remarketing through social sites like Twitter expands product and site reach fexposure for users who engage on social.

  • This is likely due to Twitter being more content focused than other social sites.

    • If you are considering Twitter ads, start with retargeting then explore regular Twitter stream ads.

    As a company we have seen more conversions and lower CPAs with Twitter re-targeting than we have seen with standard Twitter Ads. This should be pretty standard, but the difference in the performance is pretty significant, when you compare the two.


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