2 Big Takeaways From Our Webinar with Bing

By Tinuiti Team

Last Thursday, we introduced the brand new Bing Product Ads program to everyone on a joint webinar with Bing.

Our very own Director of Retail Search, Jeff Coleman, and Microsoft’s Lindsay LaFran (@lindslafranski) dropped their knowledge on Product Ads campaign setup and best practice strategy. The webinar already happened, but you can always sign up to grab the recording here.

A couple things were much clearer after the webinar, things that should better assist you in improving your campaign performance and overall understanding of the program.

1. Pay Attention to Mobile Traffic

Bing Product Ads is unique and actually better than Google Product Listing Ads in respect to what you can do to handle mobile traffic.

Jeff weighs in on Bing’s capability:

Jeff-colemanOne cool feature about Bing Product Ads is that it lets you turn off desktop, mobile, or tablet traffic, which Google actually doesn’t allow. On Google you can only adjust mobile, but desktop and tablet traffic are always enabled 

So, with Bing you could have a completely separate campaign just targeting mobile devices, just make sure to turn off desktop targeting in your mobile campaign and you’ll be able to set up a complete separate mobile campaign with different bids according to how that traffic converts for you.

So in theory, you could have a desktop, tablet, and a mobile campaign because Bing has given you the flexibility to turn off one, or both, or all. If you do segment out, say, smartphone traffic in one campaign, you’ll want to modify the campaign to have completely separate bids because you’re targeting different devices. So by setting up a new campaign and then just setting lower bids, you can down bid on mobile (mobile, tablet, or both).

2. The Time to Start Product Ads is Now

Lindsay-LaFran-Bing-Photo OK, so we were already hitting this message home before the webinar, but the reiteration is intentional and important. Bing Product Ads is an extremely similar program to Google’s Product Listing Ads when it first launched, just on a different search network.

This network is the Yahoo Bing Network, which Lindsay notes “has 510 million monthly retail searches and 65 million monthly searchers – again obviously important because if you use Bing Product Ads you’re going to be reaching this specific retail audience.”

A couple other important reasons to start testing Product Ads as a revenue driver:


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