AdWords Offers More Control of Structured Snippet Extensions

By Tinuiti Team

When Google debuted dynamic structured snippets back in March, they were an ad extension with the ability to automatically appear within ads for retail, hotel and flight related searches. We were not given the ability to edit the text of the snippets at the time. Text was taken from the content found on an advertiser’s site, providing users with information about products or services offered.

What’s New With Structured Snippets?

More recently, Google started rolling out the newly renamed “structured snippets” into all accounts. They are no longer limited to retail, hotel and flight searches. We now have the ability to create these snippets within AdWords ourselves, although they can only be applied at the account level.
If this feature has been rolled out into your account, you’ll find it under the Ad Extensions tab. Google offers 10 preset headers to choose from and up to 10 value fields to enter the services or products that you want to showcase, with a minimum of 3.


I was informed by a Google rep that the dynamic structured snippets still have the ability to appear even if you manually create your own, but I have yet to see that happen. In fact, I noticed that the dynamic structured snippets stopped appearing in one of my client’s ads completely once the new feature became available in their account.

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