Quality Score Reporting Help May Be Coming for AdWords Advertisers

By Tinuiti Team

If you've worked with Google AdWords for any length of time, you've probably paid attention to your Quality Score. Google ranks your PPC ads' relevancy as well as the quality of the keywords you choose. Once Google sets your Quality Score, it reveals your cost per click, and is used along with your maximum bid to claim your position in ad auctions.

However, the Quality Score has remained largely mysterious over the years, and Google might be ready to add more Quality Score reporting data for AdWords advertisers. According to Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land, a blog post that has since been removed revealed potential new reporting data in a more streamlined interface. But how will these changes directly benefit your marketing campaign?

Reduce Clicks and Taps

As it currently stands, you can only view more granular Quality Score data by clicking on an icon to expand the item and viewing the popup. Not only does this take more time, but it also interferes with your ability to understand your data at a glance. Short of recording everything you see on a separate spreadsheet or in a notebook, you won't know how your historical data compares to today's data or the details of any other comparisons.

Google's revelation suggestions that AdWords will release a more streamlined interface that allows you to view different cross-sections of data with far fewer clicks and taps. For instance, you can view your expected CTR, landing page experience, and ad relevance all at once.

Compare Historical Data in Custom Ranges

The Quality Score revamp is also expected to allow advertisers to view historical data based on user-identified ranges. For instance, maybe you're interested in your Quality Score between January 2017 and April 2017. You could generate that data, as well as any other date ranges going back to January 2016.

This feature won't just be available for Quality Scores, either. You can do the same thing with metrics like expected CTR and landing page experience.

Analyze Quality Score Data at Scale

Companies often generate hundreds of thousands of pieces of data. When it's locked up in your AdWords account, it doesn't do you much good, but you can export the Quality Score data to get a better idea of your campaign's performance over long periods of time.

Additionally, you can compare different metrics on a larger scale. This is useful for identifying potential KPIs, improving landing page experience, knowing when to select different keywords for your AdWords campaign, and more. You can also use this data to decide exactly which metrics matter most to your business. For instance, should you track CTRs or CPIs? It all depends on your goals and your existing marketing performance.

We know that keeping up with AdWords features can become a full-time job by itself. This Quality Score update is just a rumor at this time, but it's likely to roll out in the near future. We'd love to help you get your marketing campaign ready for new AdWords features. To learn more about how we work (and why we're so effective), take a look at our case study: Paid search and shopping collaboration results in online revenue increase for

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