Bing Extensions are Catching Up

By Tinuiti Team

Bing often takes a back seat to Google in conversations about search engines, but it’s recently begun upping its game. The latest news involves two types of extensions: callout and review extensions. If you leverage these two new features in your paid search campaign, you’ll find yourself ahead of the competition in getting eyes on your products and services.

Callout Extensions

Advertisements often leave frustratingly little room for you to get your message across. Bing recognizes these obstacles and has created callout extensions, which provide you with space below your ad to include brief bullet points that highlight your USPs or your products’ or services’ special features.

Bing allows advertisers to add as many as 20 callouts and as few as two, but only four can display at a time. They aren’t clickable, so you don’t have to create a separate landing page for each one, and you’re likely to see your CTR skyrocket because of the extra information.

You can use callouts to mention specific features of your business model, such as free shipping or free extended warranties. Think about the unique aspects of your business’s customer service model or product line that could make you more attractive to online shoppers.

Review Callouts

Strategically adding review extensions can boost consumer trust.

If you want to give your business an instant dose of internet credibility, consider adding review extensions. You can include a brief review of the product or service advertised as well as a link to the page on which the review was published.

In addition to customer reviews, you can also use these snippets to highlight awards or industry recognition. Review the editorial guidelines carefully; they have to be fewer than 12 months old and contain accurate information. You also must link to trustworthy sites. Each ad you create can showcase a single review.

Benefits of Callout and Review Extensions

As mentioned above, both review and callout extensions can increase CTRs because you’re providing more information. A review extension lends your business credibility and provides social proof, while callouts allow you to demonstrate why your business deserves consumers’ attention more than the competition.

Additionally, extensions make your advertisement bigger, which means they’re more prominent on the page. This increased real estate can generate more clicks on its own because users will find themselves drawn to your ads.

What’s Next for Bing Extensions?

Bing has consistently rolled out new extensions for its advertising network, which could mean more extensions await on the horizon. For instance, the search engine could implement structured snippet extensions in the future, which would mirror Google’s progression in the advertising space. Structured snippets add a list of assets or qualities of your products or services. For instance, a retailer could list the brands it uses, while a university could list degree program names.

As Bing increases its line of extensions, it becomes an increasingly viable competitor for Google. The more you know about your advertising options, the more effective you become as you create and distribute ads. For more expert-level advice, read our Case Study: Terminix Boosts Lead Generation by 65% with Target Paid Search.

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