How Does your Company's People Policies and Talent Management Support your Application for the Search Innovation Award?

By Tinuiti Team

Our company philosophy, "Great Lives For Great People," illustrates how we nurture our talent as well as our clients in pursuit of search innovation. When we empower our employees to expand their knowledge, experiment with new technologies, and test new theories, we're consistently amazed at their ability to deliver stellar results for our clients.

People First

Some companies put numbers first. Others put technology first. We buck the trend and put people first instead.

This refers to both internal and external partners. Our employees and our clients are both essential to our business, and we take neither of them for granted. Not only do we want to attract the top industry talent, but we also want to keep them on our team instead of losing them to the competition.

To that end, we're relationship builders. In addition to getting to know our clients and their search advertising needs, we always know our employees and what they want. In our experience, this process is cyclical. If we take care of our people, they take care of our clients.

Opportunity For Growth

It's not easy to retain top talent in a world that inspires high turnover and employment anxiety. We're turning the tables on those trends by providing our employees with everything they need to grow personally and professionally.

Our education stipend, for instance, gives employees the chance to continue their education without reaching into their own pockets. We also recently launched an internal internship program. Employees can apply for week-long internships in other departments so they can cross-train on unfamiliar technology and learn new roles in the company.

In addition to providing cross-training and potential growth opportunities, the internship also allows our employees to better understand what other departments can do for our clients. When an employee in social advertising understands what we can do with search advertising, he or she can better serve the client. Alternatively, a paid search account manager might intern in the shopping and feed division. He or she sees how the shopping and feed team work with our clients. Along the way, he or she learns best practices for this division, and can later take that knowledge back to a paid search client, providing thoughtful insight in areas for potential development and growth.

We also don't restrict our employees from exploring new territory. If they want to try out a new beta, for instance, we support that because we know that innovation often results from courage. If we can try new things before others, we can provide more lasting value for our clients. Plus, our staff don't have to send requests up the corporate ladder. Instead of waiting hours, days, or weeks for permission to pursue a new technology, they can dive in knowing they have our full support.

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