How to Find & Use the Best Features in the New AdWords Interface

By Tinuiti Team

Although the new AdWords interface might involve a learning curve, it also offers excellent opportunities to improve your Paid Search efforts and to engage more customers. Take a look at some of the best new features in AdWords and learn how to use them effectively.

Call Bid Adjustments

If you're using the new AdWords UI, you can now access bid adjustments for call extensions. In many industries, such as hospitality, companies experience high conversion rates from call extensions. This is especially true on mobile since many people look for hotels, restaurants, and similar businesses while they're on the go.

If you're already seeing high conversion rates with call extensions, or if you're disappointed in your call-extension ROI, you can make bid adjustments by percentage points. For instance, businesses that enjoy success with call extensions could increase their bids by as much as 900 percent, while those that experience less success can reduce their extensions by up to 90 percent.

Household Income Reporting

When it comes to adjusting your AdWords campaigns down to granular demographics, factors like household income can dramatically improve ROI for Paid Search. For instance, maybe you sell a luxury item, such as high-end men's watches. Targeting your AdWords campaign based on household income would prevent your ads from appearing for low-income searchers.

The new AdWords ROI lets you see how your ads perform among consumers in specific household income ranges. You can now adjust your bidding to reflect past performance. Depending on your preference, you can make adjustments to your campaign at the ad group level or stick with individual campaigns. For instance, if you sell a wide range of products, you might want to target your ads differently across multiple campaigns.

Promotion Extensions


We've already talked about promotion extensions, but you can only access them through the new AdWords UI. You'll recognize it immediately by its distinctive sales-tag icon.

You can use promotion extensions to beef up your text ads with special offers, such as coupons and other promotions. When your audience sees these ads, they know immediately how much of a discount they can get off the product in which they're interested, which can drive clicks as well as conversions.

Best of all, your potential customers don't have to hover over a link or click on one to see the promotions. They'll see the promotion itself, such as 20 percent off, as well as the coupon code you're using to give the discount. You can also combine them with other AdWords extensions, such as location and sitelink extensions.

Promotion extensions also open up new testing options. For instance, you can change the length of the promotion to create urgency or to extend the promotion, depending on your specific goals. A/B testing different promotions can help you drill down on the best offers for your audience.

We're excited about these new extensions and the ways in which they can help our clients maximize their Paid Search ROI. If you're interested in giving your Paid Search efforts a little rocket fuel, check out our exclusive report: Paid search and shopping collaboration results in online revenue increase for

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