Google Maps Promoted Places Seeks To Drive In-Store Foot Traffic

By Tinuiti Team

Select retail brands are currently testing Promoted Places in Google Maps (closed beta) to showcase special offers & announcements in hopes to drive more foot traffic to their stores.

According to the announcement, 70% of smartphone users who bought something in a store first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase & one in four of them also used a map through a web browser or an app before making the purchase.

Companies such as Walgreens, Starbucks and M.A.C. have already been accepted into the beta program.

google maps promoted places

“We’re looking forward to testing Promoted Places to help us deliver a more branded and customized experience on Google Maps,” Laura Elkins, SVP of Global Marketing for M.A.C. said.

“It will allow us to spotlight our latest products with the goal of driving more shoppers in-store to get the full M·A·C Cosmetics experience.”

As seen in the example below, a limited test of Promoted Places in the Google Maps is available via the Android app.

Promoted Places integrates with the browsing experience, where places of interest are visually marked with icons to help users locate.

The objective of Promoted Places is to help retail brand advertisers improve awareness for their stores by branding their location icons with their logo.

If a user clicks on a business’s logo it will pop open to reveal promotions such as in-store sales or new products and services to help consumers make informed decisions on where they want to purchase.

The beta also features the business’ place page, allowing potential customers to view store hours and get directions.


“I’ve seen these in the wild a couple times and it looks pretty cool, especially when you are looking for a Starbucks or a specific store/ item while driving,” Stephen Kerner, Manager, Retail Search at CPC Strategy said.

Although it might be too soon to know how the beta is performing, what we do know is that the daily budget is a minimum of$1k per day, with a campaign duration minimum of 14 days.

For more information on Google Maps Promoted Places beta program, email [email protected]

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