5 Google Search Results Tests You Didn't Notice

By Tinuiti Team

Google Search Results Test: Product Ad Related Products

This week our Retail Search Analysts spotted a new Google SERP test with Product Listing Ad categories. When searching for ‘modloft’, Google search results split product ads into two different product categories.

Here is the search results spotted:

Google Shopping search test

The search test is no longer visible, with traditional results which highlight Product Ads specific to beds alone:

Google search results test


Google’s Product ad test is just one of various search results page (SERP) tests we’ve seen this year.

Some variations Google tested with Product ads include:

Product Ads in the Google Carousel:


Google Shopping products in Carousel

Product Ads Featuring Price Ranges:


Google testing search results

Ranking Products in Product Ad Results:



16 Product Ads on SERPs:

The Google SERP featured an expansion arrow below traditional Product Listing Ads which allows users to view additional PLA ads within search:

Product Listing Ads16 Product

The arrow expanded the Product Listing Ads selection for the product search, pushing search results farther down on the page.

In this example shoe search, Product Listing Ads results expand from 5 to 16:


Google is constantly testing search and Product ads, many of which are brief and used internally by Google.


What Google search tests have you seen recently?

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