Google Shopping Campaigns: The _____ New Way to Do PLAs

By Tinuiti Team

The New Google Shopping Campaigns


Last October, Google broke the news that they would be optimizing their Product Listing Ads program by introducing Shopping Campaigns, a model that would decrease barriers to entry for retail advertisers.

Though the program is still in beta for select merchants, it’s very likely that Shopping Campaigns will become the base structure for PLAs when it fully rolls out in the next several months.

For some context, here are the major changes Shopping Campaigns brought to traditional PLAs:


Google’s claim is that Shopping Campaigns are the best way to create PLAs, but what are claims without rebuttals?

After several months of rigorous testing, we finally have our conclusions about Shopping Campaigns.

Spoiler Alert: Shopping Campaigns has its fair share of both pros and cons.

In our latest webinar (coming Thursday, January 16th), we cover setting up Shopping Campaigns, its pros and cons, as well as who’s served to benefit the most from the new model.

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