Expand Ads Globally Using the Google Shopping Currency Conversion Tool

By Tinuiti Team

To expand customer reach globally and make ad management easier for advertisers, Google now offers the Shopping Currency Conversion Tool.

The currency conversion tool can be used to help advertisers expand the reach of their products to more countries.

Advertisers can submit the products and prices they use on their website and the tool will estimate the current conversion in the ads.

Now, a person shopping in the UK can see products sold by a US retailer, listed in British pounds.

This is especially valuable to retail brands that sell and ship products to multiple countries, allowing them to reach global customers without having to create different product pages on their website for each country’s currency.

How does the Google Shopping Currency Conversion Tool work?

In a recent Google Shopping case study, myToys, a Berlin-based toys and fashion retailer for children was able to increase their sales and convert more potential shoppers abroad by exporting to Switzerland.

According to the study, myToys was already using Google Shopping to advertise products to consumers in Germany and Austria. To enter the Swiss market, myToys began using the new Currency Conversion solution.

They made a copy of the existing catalog feed and created a new export campaign in AdWords targeting German speakers in Switzerland.


What are the benefits of the Google Shopping Currency Conversion Tool?

There’s two major benefits for advertisers using the Currency Conversion Tool including:

1) Show your product ads in other countries without implementing website changes.

If you haven’t been advertising in other countries with Google Shopping because your website uses one currency, you might be able to use the currency conversion tool to help broaden your reach.

The currency conversion tool allows advertisers to convert the currency in your product data to the currency of the new target country.This conversion makes Shopping ads more understandable to users in other countries.


2) Avoid investing time in the creation of a new feed.

Instead of having to prepare a new feed, the currency conversion tool gives advertisers the option to make a copy of their existing product data.

At this point, all you have to do is remove any products you don’t want to advertise in the new country and then you can start advertising your new campaigns via AdWords Google Shopping in the new country.

Currency Conversion Tool Availability:

Currency conversion is only available for certain target countries and currencies. You can use currency conversion to target Shopping ads to any of the countries on this list (as long as you meet the language requirements):

Below includes “beta target countries” only, which are also included on the currency conversion tool list:

When targeting ads to any of the countries above, you can use any of the following currencies:

According to Google, the converted price estimate shown in your ad is based on exchange rates from Google Finance. Keep in mind that the final purchase price depends on the exchange rates used by the user’s credit card or other payment service provider, which means that the estimate and the final purchase price can be different.

What about Language Requirements?

While your currency will be converted in your ads, in order to target a new country, you’ll still need to meet the language requirements for that country. When you submit your product data to Google Merchant Center, you’ll need to use a language and currency that’s supported for your target country.3

“If the target country is on this list prices can remain in US Dollars (USD) in both the feed and the website,” Caroline Diehl, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy said.

“You still need to meet the language requirements so if the website and the feed are in English, the target country needs to have English as a supported language or you’ll need to translate the feed/site.”

“For the most part it’s going to work best for targeting other English speaking countries if your site and feed are only in English.”

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