Google Shopping Spotted Displaying Price Changes

By Tinuiti Team

We’ve recently started spotting this new Google Shopping feature in the wild:

This “Price dropped X%” seems to be scaling out for listings that have had significant changes in price recently.

How did Google know the price dropped?

That’s a good question. For this particular client, we’re including a Sale Price and a Price column in the feed, but the 2 columns are identical (in value) so in order for Google to know that the price dropped, it’s possible that PLAs are keeping a running average of the product price over the past 90 days.

This is an interesting development that’s guaranteed to be a marginal difference maker for your product listing ads. The more this rolls out, the better chance your products have to stand out among other listings even if it’s not the lowest price.

Be sure to sign up for the webinar on Google Shopping holiday execution below (it’s too late to sit in now but you’ll get the recording!)

Have you seen price change call-outs for your listings?

*Props to Director of Account Management, Jeff Coleman, for his insight

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