Google Testing Paid Ads On Search

By Tinuiti Team

Google is constantly testing search result pages (SERPs) to determine the best layout for maximum profit, errr user experience.

This week, some CPCers noticed Google testing Product Listing Ads at the top of result pages, above paid text ads:

Google search testing, paid ads

 As well as some paid text ads to the right of search, where you’ll generally find PLAs.

Traditionally, text ads are at the top of the page, followed by PLAs below and or to the right:

Google paid search testing text, display ads


It appears the test is no longer live,  and it isn’t clear whether this is an upcoming search layout update Google will launch.

However, the test gives an interesting look at what could happen to SERP layout, and has interesting implications for retail search.


Have you seen Google testing anything lately? Let us know in the comments!



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