How Can I Get More Traffic & Revenue on Google Shopping? [Video]

By Tinuiti Team

Google Shopping accounted for an average of 20.19% of overall site traffic and 18.75% of overall revenue during Black Friday weekend 2013.

Are you taking full advantage of Google’s traffic this holiday season?

Get More Traffic on Google Shopping

Ready to maximize exposure on Google Shopping? Check out this video with CPC’s Katen Raj to learn how to leverage Google Shopping for higher sales this holiday:

Traffic Drivers for Google Shopping

Your Data

Google ads are powered by your product information. Which searches populate your ads, and how relevent your information is to users is completeley up yo you. You can maxmize impressions and traffic with strategic data feed changes.


Your Bids

AdWords allows advertisers to tailor ad exposure with a myriad of ad variables. Advertisers can leverage ad visibility with:


Why Google Shopping?

Google  Shopping has been a profitable paid program for ecommerce advertisers for over 2 years. Fully leveraging visibility on Google Shopping is a key to higher Holiday conversions.

1. Google Dominates Search

Google is the major search engine online, and generates a significant amount of online shopping traffic.

On Google search itself, AdWords dominates SERPs

Google Shopping product ads appear at the top of Google searches, and feature a prominent product image. Product ads are actionable, and alongside PPC ads take up the majority of search page real estate above the fold:

Google Shopping SERP

2. Google Shopping has lower CPCs than Paid Search

Google Shopping is a profitable online advertising avenue with low CPC costs, compelling imagery and product information to increase search traffic and SERP space.

PPC ads are top of search pages, but lack images and tend to have a higher cost per click advertising cost than Product ads.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Shopping (formerly Product Listing Ads), check this comprehensive guide on the program.

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