Here's What the Release of the Google AdWords App for iPhone Users Means

By Tinuiti Team

Google’s AdWords program has always been relatively easy to use. The desktop interface allows you to manage your campaign down to the finest details, but until now, you needed access to a full-size device to use the platform effectively.

Google has released an AdWords app for iPhone users, however, that will make it even easier for businesses to manage their campaigns. If you spend lots of time on the road or if you prefer using your iPhone or other Apple device, you’ll get plenty of mileage out of this app. Now both iPhone and Android users are on equal footing in terms of AdWords campaign management.

A Streamlined Interface

Like most Google apps, the AdWords app for iPhone users is extremely well-designed. The clean, uncluttered user interface allows you to see the information you’re interested in clearly and without distraction, which makes it easy to manage your campaign on the smaller screen.

View data in the clean, minimalistic interface.

It’s also an intuitive app with simple navigation that helps you find the data you want to view. In addition to raw numbers, visual graphs help you understand the mountains and valleys that form over time in terms of CTRs, total clicks, and other data.

Fast and Simple

Sometimes you want to check up on your AdWords campaign without devoting much time to the task. The iPhone app allows you to do just that, even if you’re at home or on the road.

Need to raise your AdWords budget? You can do it through the app.

More importantly, the app isn’t a display-only tool. Not only can you view past and present data, but you can also bid on keywords and change your budgetary allocations from inside the app. If you want to capitalize on a last-minute trend or reduce your budget allowance based on real-time data, you can do so.

Macro and Micro

Gain complete control over your AdWords campaign.

You can get the full range of data from the AdWords iPhone app. Start with macro data: total CTR, clicks, and other data that tell you how the campaign is performing overall. Then, once you have the big picture, use the app’s functionality to break down the data on a more granular level.

Sometimes the big numbers don’t tell the whole story. You want to understand how each component of your advertising campaign is performing so you can make fine-tuning decisions. Creating and modifying ad groups, adjusting keyword approaches, and rotating ads all become easier with this app.

Taking Advantage

All account managers should download the iPhone AdWords app and use it on a regular basis. This provides the opportunity to see fresh opportunities and to capitalize on them in real time.

Viewing your AdWords campaign on different devices can also have hidden advantages. You’re seeing the data from a different perspective, which might help you make smart decisions on the fly.

AdWords is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business. It allows you to create a custom campaign that improves ROI and generates brand awareness. If you’re interested in leveraging AdWords for your own advertising needs, learn more about our display advertising services.

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