How to Use Inventory Driven Search For Better PPC Performance [Video]

By Tinuiti Team

What is Inventory Driven Search?

Inventory driven search, or the ability to  leverage product information to supplement Search marketing, is a fundamental tool to increase profit and visibility on paid search.

This process involves the ongoing manipulation of product feed information to improve ad relevancy – a fundamental best practice to improve Google Shopping results in particular. Below, CPC’s Director of Paid Search, David Weichel, weighs in on 3 ways to use feed enhancements to help drive PPC results:

3 Ways to Optimize Inventory Driven Search

1. Use Longtail Modifiers- Match search with keyword match type
2. Pause Ads-Monitor inventory for stock adjustments to ensure you aren’t wasting ad spend
3. Monitor Ad Pricing- Ensure your ad prices are accurate on search

Why Inventory Driven Search?

Inventory driven search is a lever to help search marketers maintain an effective ROI on paid search.

Effective Inventory Driven Search results in more revenue, better ROAS, more effective keyword coverage, lower CPCs, and boosted conversion rates for PPC campaigns.


Questions about Inventory Driven Search?

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