Leveraging Brand Mentions to Build Quality Inbound Links

By Tinuiti Team

SEO is alive and wellSEO has changed so drastically over the past few years inciting cries of “SEO is Dead” across the interwebs. This was even truer for building links with the release of multiple Penguin algorithm updates. However, SEO and specifically promotions are not dead, they have just evolved to a higher level. Promotions is still relevant and is an important part of building your website’s authority. But as always you need to follow the best practices that Google has outlined. As long as your promotions efforts are in line with Google guidelines you will be safe from penalties.

A great way to gain quality inbound links to your site is leveraging your brand mentions. Many websites mention your brand or publish your site’s logo but never actually link back to you. This presents an easy opportunity for gaining inbound links by doing outreach. This outreach effort is much easier than other types as the site which has mentioned you is most likely familiar with your brand and company. Upon identifying your brand mentions, you should carefully select the sites to reach out to based on the site quality, authority, and the likelihood they would respond.

Identifying Brand Mentions
So how do you go about identifying where your site has been mentioned on other websites? Here are a few ways to do so:

Utilize Google Alerts to find Brand mentions

Use Google Images for reverse image lookupVisit Google Images and click on the little camera icon near the search button.

Paste an image link or upload an image to Google imagesPaste an image URL or upload an image and hit “Search by image”

Google will identify your image as a logoGoogle should be able to identify the image as a logo and return the appropriate results.

Google image search reverse image lookup resultsNavigate through the results to identify websites who have your logo published

Use Fresh Web Explorer to find Brand mentions

Brand mentions in past 4 weeks

Outreach Best Practices
Once you have identified your brand mention opportunities you then need to reach out. In your outreach to the websites you need to be careful and follow best practices. You should approach these websites with the mindset of building a relationship and not just getting a link. Your outreach email should not be a template but rather customized to that specific site. Here are some guidelines you should follow:

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