Pop-Ups Could Get You Suspended From Google Shopping

By Tinuiti Team

Do you have pop-ups on your online web store? Are you listing on Google Shopping?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, Google could potentially suspend you from Google Shopping and/or disapprove your entire feed.

Google Shopping: Avoid Pop-Ups Or Your Product Listing Ads May Be Suspended

Recently, Google reached out to one of our clients warning them that product pages which link from Product Listing Ads that have pop-ups run the risk of getting your ads rejected from Google Shopping:

“Pop-ups on the Landing Page:
We’ve noticed that the products pages on your websites opens up certain sign up pop-ups. Please know that as per Google Shopping Policies “Your product listing’s destination URL can’t lead to a landing page which may have pop-ups or may redirect to other pages, such as pages requiring sign-ups or passwords.”

Pop-Ups And Google Shopping: What Does It Mean For Online Merchants?

If your site has a pop-up which appears when users are linking through from Google Shopping Product Listing Ads to a product page, Google may flag you for violating its policies.

Pop-Ups And Google Shopping: What Should Online Merchants Do?


Where do you have pop-ups on your site?


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